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Years ago, modular stands were synonymous with something repetitive and lacking in identity. This has changed. Although artisan stands continue to be the most demanded option due to their versatility, modular systems represent a new value: Sustainability. In this post we talk about the two types of stands, and we help you choose yours.
octanorm modular system profiles and sustainable cube

Looking for sustainability? Forget custom stands and enter the world of modular stands

Modular booths have become a popular choice for companies participating in trade shows and exhibitions due to their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. These stands are designed to be reusable, recyclable, aand customizable, making them a more ecological than traditional stands..

One of the biggest advantages of modular stations is that they can be used multiple times, which reduces the amount of waste generated during exhibitions. .

Bematrix is one of the world's largest modular maz manufacturers

This is because modular stands are made up of interchangeable parts that can be reconfigured to create different stand designs, saving companies the cost of building new stands for each event. Furthermore, since the components are light and compact, are easy to transport and store, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with logistics.

Modular stands are also (Sustainable) because they are made with ecological materials. The panels and frames used in modular stands are usually made from recyclable materials, such as aluminum, steel or bamboo. These materials are durable and can withstand multiple uses, ensuring stands can be reused for years to come. Additionally, modular stands can be designed to be energy efficient, with features such as LED lighting and energy-efficient displays that reduce power consumption.

exhibition stand made with stack modular system
Burkhardt Leithtner has devised a system that avoids the use of rigging points, allowing for large spans.

Finally, the modular stands are customizable, allowing companies to tailor their stands to their branding and marketing needs. This means that companies can use the same booth for different events, showcasing different products or services each time, which in turn reduces the need to build new booths. This not only saves companies money, but also reduces the environmental impact associated with booth construction and removal.

In short, modular stands offer numerous advantages in terms of sustainability. Its reuse, Ecological materials and customization make them a greener and more profitable option for companies that want to participate in fairs and exhibitions. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, modular stands will become an increasingly popular option for companies looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Modular stands: which one to choose?

If you have been to fairs, you probably remember the typical aluminum structures that tend to populate the less favored sectors of the pavilions. This is of course because they are much cheaper. A bad location often coincides with a low budget and the less you invest in your stand, the more modular stands you will have around you. With this we do not mean that an aluminum stand is a failure, quite the contrary. There is a premium modular range. These are profiles with an exclusive design, or profiles that allow the fabrics to be stretched and remain hidden. There is a great diversity of types of modular stands. The following are the ones that we consider most used in European fairs. If you know of any that we may be forgetting, please leave it in the comments 🙂


modular stand octanorm

The lowest range is the typical ¨octanorm¨ support (name that comes from the typical 8-channel column through which panels and profiles slide) this is the oldest system, and is still used today at low cost. There are many other brands on the market with similar profiles, more or less small. A very widespread brand in the US is Agam. They also offer higher quality profiles. This product has been discontinued by Octanorm, although many providers continue to offer it.

It should be noted that Octanorm has evolved and currently offers latest generation modular ranges, it is worth checking its offer. Later you can see one of its most advanced modular systems (maximum)

Advantages of Octanorm

  • Sustainable
  • Offers the most economical modular on the market

Some projects carried out with Octanorm

POP UP stands

Is about folding and practically self-assembling systems. They can be transported in suitcases so you can buy and install it yourself. It is a great solution if you want to have a simple stand to repeat each edition at your reference fair.
In case you want to change the graphics, you have to ask the company that supplied it to you to make new impressions. The fabrics are perfectly taut, so you can replace them without problem. These systems are usually used for small spaces, without being able to reach the height of the mark.

Advantages of Pop Up systems

  • Can be assembled by the user
  • Very easy to transport and store
  • Easy reprinting of graphic material for other fairs
  • Cheaper alternative to conventional modular supports thanks to its self-assembly and ease of transport;

MAXIMA (by Octanorm)

exhibition booth maxima-3

It is a square profile that allows cleaner beams and the inclusion of glass with a more aesthetic appearance. It was developed many years ago by Octanorm. Combined with carpentry it can be a low cost solution. Octanorm Maxima profiles have been on the market for years and were conceived as the evolution of the traditional 8-channel system. This modular system has made a name for itself in the market as one of the most used thanks to its versatility and rigidity. The possibility of creating friezes of up to 5 m in length with a single profile enhances this system, as well as the possibility of including accessories for supporting glass with spacers.

Advantages of Maxima

  • Stiffness for large spans
  • More than 90 accessories available for an infinite number of uses.
  • 3 variants depending on the type of project: (max. 40, oriented to commercial decoration, and 80/120/160 oriented to exhibitions and offices)
  • Possibility of adding video led modules
  • Possibility of manufacturing large mezzanines and ceilings.

More information: Download product brochure /

Some projects made with Maxima


Here we enter what I think is the future of modular stands. Although they have been on the market for many years, the rise of sustainable construction of stands has given this system a great boost. The advantage they have is the ability to hide profiles. This system, widely used in the US, uses textile or PVC panels fixed with Velcro to the aluminum structure. . You can take a look at this link:

Advantages of Bematrix

  • Extremely sustainable: bematrix will become a climate neutral company in 2026.
  • The system is absolutely versatile and allows almost any shape to be made.
  • It combines the advantages of a modular system with the look of a handmade system.
  • It offers short and long term rental solutions.
  • Allows the installation of LEDs (video) in very narrow walls.
  • It has great versatility to make curved elements.

Videowall ¨led skin by Bematrix

One of the characteristics of Bematrix is the possibility of including LED screens in its structure while preserving the width of the profiles. Installation is very simple and allows great creativity in multimedia design.

Stands made with the bematrix led skin system.

¨PILE¨ by Burkhardt Leithtner

exhibition stand made with stack modular system

The Pila modular system was created by Burkhardt Leitner and is a premium alternative among modular systems. It stands out for the quality and fine design of its profiles. The system has everything a modular system should offer: floors, backlights, ceilings and second floors. The possibility of suspending large spans by means of finely tensioned profiles is a distinctive feature of this brand. Its price is a handicap, since it can be much more expensive than a support in carpentry. Burkhardt Leithtner has other very interesting systems, you can check them on their website.

Advantages of ¨PILA¨ by Burkhardt Leithtner

  • Large spans without rigging: Thanks to its tensioning system, it allows few columns to be placed on the support, which translates into savings on anchor points and rigging.
  • Quality and design: If it is not the most beautiful system, it is one of the most attractive in terms of design.
  • Sustainability: The modular pile system is a sustainable alternative for your fair stand.


Modular Aluvision stand

We could say that Bematrix has great competition, and that is Aluvision. The system is very similar, although surely both companies will give their arguments so that you decide in their favor :). In any case, Aluvision is a system that is widely used throughout the world and offers all the possibilities and flexibility to achieve the results expected from a premium modular.

Advantages of Aluvision

Like its competitor, Aluvision has the following characteristics:

  • Sustainable
  • Flexible when making any type of shape. (ledwalls included) 
  • Possibility of including Ledwalls
  • outdoor exhibition

Download the product brochure:


infinitycost-exhibition modular system

Although Infinityconst is not a very widespread modular, (like the previous ones I have mentioned) I am interested in including it as an example of a "premium" Modular of the highest category. It is the modular system that has the greatest versatility at an organic level, allowing shapes that are very difficult to achieve with carpentry.

Advantages of Infinitycont

These are the most outstanding features of Infinityconst (although they speak for themselves)

  • Sustainable
  • It is the modular system that offers the greatest versatility in terms of organic forms.
  • It allows the inclusion of backlights in the reduced space of its panels.
For more information visit their website.

In this post I have tried to give you an overview of the most used modular systems in European fairs, although of course there are many others. If you think I have left something important…. feel free to leave it in the comments 🙂.

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I hope this post about modular grandstands has been useful to you. In the next post we are going to talk about one of the most interesting things: How much does a stand cost?

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