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Trade fairs also play a prominent role in the city of Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is recognized as a major trade fair and exhibition center in the country. Its trade fairs attract numerous exhibitors and visitors from different sectors from all over the world, making it an attractive destination for business and commercial exchange.

The importance of trade fairs in Leipzig lies in its reputation as a meeting place for various industries. Leipzig boasts modern and well-equipped fairgrounds, such as the Leipzig Trade Fair, which hosts a variety of trade events throughout the year. These fairs offer a valuable platform for companies to showcase their products, establish business contacts and promote their brands to an international audience.

Vissual Events has also demonstrated its experience and know-how in organizing trade fairs in leipzig. As a leading company in the events industry, Vissual Events has worked closely with Leipzig's exhibition venues, providing creative and professional solutions to its clients.

The Visual Events team understands the specific needs and objectives of each company, designing customized strategies to maximize the impact at Leipzig trade shows. Their extensive knowledge of the Leipzig fairgrounds allows them to make the most of space layout, logistics and technical requirements, ensuring a successful participation.

Vissual Events takes care of all aspects of participation in Leipzig trade fairs, from conceptualization and stand design to logistics management and post-event follow-up. Its holistic and professional approach allows companies to focus on engaging with visitors and making the most of business opportunities as they arise.


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In short, trade fairs in Leipzig play a significant role in the local economy and attract companies from all over the world. Visual Events, with its experience and know-how in organizing events, has positioned itself as a reliable partner for companies that want to stand out at these fairs. By collaborating with Visual Events In Leipzig, companies can expect high-quality service that will allow them to maximize their visibility, establish strategic contacts and achieve successful results at trade fairs in this dynamic German city.

Prim OTWorld Leipzig stand
Prim Stand designed and built by Vissual Events at OTWorld Leipzig

Upcoming fairs in Leipzig

LEIPZIG VETERINARY CONGRESSThe veterinary event in Leipzig, Germany, where professionals in the field meet to exchange knowledge and experiences.18/01/2024320/01/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
PARTNER PFERDExhibition focused on the world of horses and the practice of riding.18/01/2024421/01/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
MOTORRAD MESSE LEIPZIGThe Leipzig Motorcycle Fair is an exciting event offering impressive sports demonstrations, a wide selection of motorcycle clothing and accessories, as well as information on motorcycle travel.09/02/2024311/02/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
BEACH & BOATAn establishment specialized in aquatic activities and navigation.10/02/2024918/02/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
HAUS-GARTEN-FREIZEITHome, garden and entertainment exhibition10/02/2024918/02/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
MITTELDEUTSCHE HANDWERKSMESEOne of the most prominent craft exhibitions in Germany is the Mitteldeutsche Handwerkmesse.10/02/2024918/02/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
FACHDENTAL LEIPZIGSpecialized dental establishment in Leipzig, providing services to both dental surgeons and dental technicians.01/03/2024202/03/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
CADEAUX LEIPZIGExhibition of products and concepts for the home in Leipzig02/03/2024304/03/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
LEIPZIGER BUCHMESSE AND LEIPZIGER ANTIQUARIATSMESSEThe Leipzig Book Fair and Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair is a major book and media industry event that brings together readers, authors and publishers. Held in the spring, it provides a platform for writing and selling old and rare books.21/03/2024424/03/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
AGRA LEIPZIGThe main trade exhibition for agriculture, forestry and the food industry in central and eastern Germany, specifically Saxony.11/04/2024414/04/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
BEAUTY FORUM LEIPZIGInternational cosmetics fair in Leipzig. BEAUTY FORUM LEIPZIG provides an exclusive experience: a space where beauty goes beyond the superficial and becomes a source of internal strength and self-confidence.May 2024May 202431/08/2148Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
GPECPolice equipment exhibition and conferenceInternational event that presents and discusses advances in police equipment and internal security.06/05/2024308/05/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzigCongress Center Leipzig
OTWORLDA global exhibition and international conference in the field of orthopedics and prosthetic technologies.14/05/2024417/05/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
MEDCARE LEIPZIGAn event will be held in Leipzig focusing on healthcare in hospitals and at home. This event will include a fair and a forum where topics related to healthcare in both settings will be discussed.03/09/2024204/09/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzigCongress Center Leipzig
INTERNATIONALE RASSEHUNDE-AUSSTELLUNG - LEIPZIGInternational event for exhibition of dogs of different breeds in Leipzig.07/09/2024208/09/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
MIDORA LEIPZIGThe Leipzig fair dedicated to the exhibition and sale of jewelry and watches, known as MIDORA LEIPZIG, is a leading event in the sector.07/09/2024309/09/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
OLDTIMER- UND TEILEMARKT - LEIPZIGEvent of interest for classic car fans and automotive mechanics professionals. A unique opportunity to find quality parts and accessories.22/09/20242213/10/2024Leipzig, GermanyOnly celebration venue without city or country
JAGD & ANGELNOutdoor fair for fans of nature, hunting, fishing and sports shooting activities.27/09/2024329/09/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
GRASSIMESSEGRASSIMESSE is an event where handmade and designer objects are exhibited and sold.oct. 2024TO CONFIRM "2024".TO CONFIRMLeipzig, Germanyleipzig
MODELL - HOBBY - SPIELDisplay of models, miniature trains and creative hobbies.03/10/2024406/10/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
TERRATECTERRATEC is a global exhibition that focuses on the presentation of technologies and services related to the environment.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMLeipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
DENKMALThe European exhibition focuses on the preservation of historical monuments and the revitalization of urban areas.07/11/2024309/11/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
MUTECHall of Museums and Technologies for Restoration and ExhibitionA space dedicated to the exhibition and restoration of museums and technologies.07/11/2024309/11/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
AZUBI- & STUDENTAGE LEIPZIGLeipzig's largest educational and career fair is the ideal destination for students and young people who are in the final stage of school and are considering their professional future. Here you will find everything you need to make informed decisions about your education and career.08/11/2024209/11/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
TOURISTIK & CARAVANINGCaravan travel and tourism exhibition. At this event, visitors will be able to enjoy, explore, experience, observe, taste, compare, select, organize and book their next vacation.20/11/2024524/11/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
LIPSIAThis is a purebred poultry exhibition in Leipzig.06/12/2024308/12/2024Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
INTECFairINTECFeria is dedicated to the production and development of customized tools and machinery.11/03/2025414/03/2025Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
ZOutsourcing Fair - Parts and ComponentsOutsourcing Exhibition - Products and Elements11/03/2025414/03/2025Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
THERAPIE LEIPZIGEvent in Leipzig that brings together medical professionals to share knowledge and experiences.08/05/2025310/05/2025Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
EFA Fair of construction systems, electrical engineering, lighting, air conditioning and automation.The EFAFeria is an event that focuses on exhibiting construction systems, electrical engineering, lighting, air conditioning and automation.23/09/2025325/09/2025Leipzig, GermanyLeipzig Exhibition Center
BEAUTY BUSINESS DAY - LEIPZIGBeauty Business Days are single-day events designed exclusively for beauty industry professionals. During these events, renowned exhibitors from the sector present their products in a high-quality commercial exhibition.13/05/20241325/05/2024Leipzig, Germany.INNSIDE by Meliá
LAND & GENUSS - LEIPZIGLocal fair of regional products, crafts, inspiration for the home and garden, farm experiences during the weekends...April 2024April 202402/07/2148Leipzig.Leipzig.
EURO FED LIPID CONGRESSThe EURO FED LIPID CONGRESS is an international event focusing on the science and technology of lipids, fats and oils, as well as related technologies. Its main objective is to promote collaboration at European level in this field.12/10/2025415/10/2025Leipzig.Leipzig.



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