Is it carpentry? it's not Visuand!

You have been making carpentry stands for years, and you know their complications. The paint that does not dry, the finishes, the wooden elements that arrive broken at the fair... the error variants are endless. It is clear that making well-finished carpentry stands is not done by just anyone. But what if I told you that there is a system that replicates the image of carpentry stands without any of these problems?

We are a design and assembly company for modular stands and carpentry with more than 20 years of experience in Stand Assembly in Barcelona and Madrid. We tell you about our work experience with this wonderful modular system. 

Aluminum + tensioned textile: Is it modular...or is it carpentry?

Modular stretched textile stands have grown exponentially in the trade fair environment, thanks to their sustainable nature and construction efficiency. 

sustainable stands: stands made in visuand-5

Efficiency and finishes

Forget wood and paint and discover an efficient world in which all things fit together with a click, with the best of finishes.

Green sells more

Your company can sell sustainability. Posturing is no longer an alternative, be one of the companies that have taken action and sell sustainability REAL.

Print every surface

Modular textile stands allow each surface to be printed. Take advantage of the graphic impact that tensioned textile allows.

sustainable stands: stands made in visuand-4

Visuand: A versatile and economical modular system.

Visuand is a modular textile system that has great versatility and practicality of assembly. 

Some sustainable stands made in
Visuand system with stretched textile

Why you should think about a modular textile stand for your next fair

simple installation

aluminum frame with graphics

The graphics are so easy to change that you could even do it yourself. The stretched fabric walls achieve the same visual impact as the painted carpentry, with a better finish;

excellent finishes

Perfect corners, without light gaps. Aluminum helps to achieve a perfect finish that is difficult to achieve in artisan supports.

Low consumption

The modular LED system allows low consumption (only 60w) for a 1.00×2.00 m light box.

Great graphic impact

The exhibition stands made of textile allow a great graphic impact, since all surfaces can be printed.

Other systems Modular stands those we work with

We work with a wide range of modular sustainable exhibition stand systems, always choosing the most suitable for the type of project we carry out. 


It is a very versatile Catalan manufacturing system. Its walls are 25 cm wide. Allows joining textiles with showcases, and rigid panels in multiple configurations


It is a worldwide standard. It offers the possibility of placing led wall in its structure and curved panels. It is widely used for straight and curved suspended volumes




This sustainable modular system has been on the market for more than 20 years. Manufactured by Octanorm, it is a visible profile system that allows large spans and multiple configurations.


This is a very complete French system that has nothing to envy its competitors. It has a large presence in France, where it is manufactured, and in Canada.

Bet on the
Sustainable stands

Haven't you decided? Not even looking at this little bear worried about his forests? 😉 Don't hesitate to contact us…

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