2024/2025 calendar of European Industrial Fairs

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If you have come this far it is because you are looking for fairs for your sector, the industry. Below we leave you a fairly complete calendar of Industrial fairs for the year 2023/2024. We also give you a brief summary of the most important industrial fairs in Europe and their most important characteristics. We hope this information is useful when choosing the best fair for your company. The table has several pages, you can browse them by clicking on the bottom 🙂

REIS FAIRThe Fira de Reis is one of the oldest fairs in Catalonia, with the participation of around 250 exhibitors and more than a hundred antique dealers.06/01/2024106/01/2024Reis (Spain)Passeig Verdaguer, Igualada.
NORDSTILNORDSTIL is a trade fair specialized in consumer products.13/01/2024315/01/2024Hamburg (Germany)Hamburg Messe und Congress
SCOTLAND'S TRADE FAIRTrading event in Scotland offering a wide range of home products, gifts, fashion, accessories and crafts.21/01/2024323/01/2024Glasgow (United Kingdom)Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center
SEPEM INDUSTRIES NORD-OUESTExhibition of services, machinery, procedures and care for companies in the northwest region of France.23/01/2024325/01/2024Rouen (France)Parc des expositions de Rouen
AFAAfaAFAAfa is a well-known event in southern Germany covering a wide range of sectors such as real estate, furniture, decoration, homeware, leisure and personal care products.02/02/2024304/02/2024Augsburg (Germany)Augsburger Messezentrum
SPRING FAIRThe Birmingham Fall Fair is an event that focuses on home, living and decorating. It also offers a wide range of products and services related to beauty and well-being. In addition, you will find a wide variety of gifts, greetings and stationery items. For the little ones, there is a section dedicated to children, with toys and games. There is also a fashion section, where you can find the latest trends in clothing and accessories. And last but not least, there is a section dedicated to jewelry and watches.04/02/2024407/02/2024Birmingham (United Kingdom)National Exhibition Center
FOIRE OF NÎMESNîmes Fair offers a wide range of commercial options in various sectors, such as home, food, entertainment, well-being, household products, automobiles, motorhomes and many more.23/02/2024426/02/2024Nîmes (France)Parc des expositions de Nîmes
MORLAIX FOIRE EXPOThe Morlaix Fair is an event that brings together more than 200 exhibitors specialized in different areas such as housing, garden, wine and gastronomy, fashion and decoration. It is a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and products in these sectors.March 2024202414/09/2029FranceParc des Expositions
Orleans Fair

Orleans Fair
Exhibition event and fair in the city of OrleansMarch 2024202414/09/2029Orleans (France)Parc des expositions d'Orléans
MONTHLY MERCAT D'ANTIGUITATS, COL·LECCIONISME, ART AND CRAFTSA monthly event where fans of art, crafts, antiques and collecting gather. Here you can find sales, purchases and exchanges of coins, postcards, cava badges, records and much more.March 2024202414/09/2029I'm sorry, but I cannot extract specific information from unstructured data without any specific instructions or patterns to follow. Could you please provide more details or specify the format of the data you have?Passeig Verdaguer, Igualada.
FOIRE EXPO DE NEVERSExhibition event in the city of Nevers09/03/2024917/03/2024Nevers (France)Center des Expositions de Nevers
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE NICEThe Nice International Fair is an event that is organized around four thematic areas. These areas include everyday life, the space outside the home, the automotive sector and the home space, which covers construction, renovation and home furnishing.09/03/20241018/03/2024Nice (France)Palais des Expositions de Nice
SJACHERBEURS - GENTCome to the SJACHERBEURS - GENT fair, a place where you can buy, exchange and sell a wide variety of collectibles. Discover more than 2,000 square meters filled with unique items such as collectible toys, vinyl and CD records, comics, vintage decor, and retro games. Don't miss this opportunity to find treasures and special pieces in an atmosphere full of nostalgia and fun.09/03/2024210/03/2024Ghent (Belgium)Flanders Expo
ESEFInternational fair for suppliers and industrial partnersInternational fair that brings together suppliers and industrial partners from various sectors such as metalworking, industrial systems, design and engineering, surface treatment, plastic and rubber, stamping, molds and electronic manufacturing, among others.12/03/2024415/03/2024Utrecht (Netherlands)Jaarbeurs Utrecht
SPRING SALONSpring Product Exhibition13/03/2024517/03/2024Togliatti (Russia)Expo Togliatti
ALESPO - FOIRE D'ALÈSDiscover at the Alès Fair a space dedicated to the home, garden and recreation, where you can find young creative entrepreneurs, talented artisans, interior design experts and decorators.15/03/2024418/03/2024Alès (France)Parc des expositions d'Alès
AMA AARGAUER MESSEEvery year in spring, the Aargauer Messe (AMA) becomes the social meeting point in the canton of Aargau. With 200 exhibitors, this fair offers a wide range of innovative products and services in an attractive environment. Additionally, numerous shows and activities are held to entertain visitors.20/03/2024524/03/2024Aarau (Switzerland)AMA Aargauer Messe Aarau - Messegelände
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE RENNESInternational exhibition in Rennes presenting a wide variety of products and services related to furniture, home, garden, caravans, gastronomy and agriculture.23/03/20241001/04/2024Rennes (France)Parc-Expo de Rennes-Aéroport
GLOBAL INDUSTRYGlobal Industrie is a leading international trade fair that focuses on the industry, with a modern and future-oriented approach. Its objective is to promote the industry globally.25/03/2024428/03/2024Paris France)Paris Nord Villepinte
GLOBAL INDUSTRIE PARISINDUSTRIE PARIS is a leading fair in Europe that brings together production technology professionals. This event offers solutions in equipment, components, products and services for all stages of industrial manufacturing, from design to production. It is a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations and network with industry experts.25/03/2024428/03/2024Paris France)Paris Nord Villepinte
RSD3International exhibition of industrial subcontracting, agri-food equipment and processes, digital solutions.RSD3 is an event of great international relevance that focuses on industrial outsourcing, agri-food equipment and processes, as well as digital solutions.26/03/2024328/03/2024Valence (France)Palais des Congrès et des Expositions Jacques Chirac
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE LYONInternational event in Lyon that offers a wide range of activities and services for leisure, tourism, home, gastronomy, well-being and fashion.29/03/20241108/04/2024Lyon (France)eurexpo
Rouen International Fair
The Rouen International Fair is an event that showcases a wide variety of products and services in different categories, such as home, crafts, leisure, wellness and gastronomy. In addition, the cultural diversity and richness of the world is also highlighted through exhibits and activities.29/03/20241007/04/2024Rouen (France)Parc des expositions de Rouen
FIERA DI SANT' ALDEBRANDOThe Sant'Aldebrando Fair is held in Corso Garibaldi, a lively commercial and social area of the city, where you can breathe the festive atmosphere of a village. At this event, you can enjoy crafts, wines and delicious typical foods, as well as entertainment for the whole family.April 2024April 202402/07/2148Fossombrone (Italy)Fossombrone (Italy)
FOIRE OF ST-AMAND-MONTRONDThe St-Amand-Montrond fair is an event that takes place in the city of St-Amand-Montrond.April 2024April 202402/07/2148St-Amand-Montrond (France)Halle Samexpo
FOIRE DU DAUPHINÉ - ROMANSEvent in the Dauphiné - Romans region, a fair dedicated to the celebration and promotion of local culture.April 2024April 202402/07/2148Romans-sur-Isere (France)Foire du Dauphine
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE NANTESThe Nantes International Fair is an event that brings together different sectors such as home equipment, landscaping, both French and foreign crafts, and gastronomy. At this fair you can find the latest trends in these areas, offering visitors a unique and varied experience.05/04/2024509/04/2024Nantes (France)Exponents - La Beaujoire
FOIRE D'AVIGNONAn event will be held in Avignon called Avignon Fair, where more than 350 exhibitors will come together to present a wide variety of topics such as housing, furniture, decoration, gastronomy, well-being, cars and motorhomes.12/04/2024314/04/2024Avignon (France)Parc des expositions - Avignon Sud
FOIRE EXPO DU PAYS DE MONTBÉLIARDThe Montbéliard Fair offers a wide range of local sectors including home, furniture and decoration, gastronomy and catering, wellness and entertainment.12/04/2024415/04/2024Montbéliard (France)Axone Montbeliard
TOULOUSE INTERNATIONAL FOIREInternational exhibition in Toulouse that focuses on decoration and equipment for both interiors and exteriors. It offers a wide variety of products related to shopping, fashion and DIY. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy local cuisine.12/04/20241021/04/2024Toulouse (France)MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Center de Conventions
St. Gallen Spring FairThe St. Gallen Spring Fair offers a wide variety of attractions, special shows and high-quality local products, including delicious gourmet meals.17/04/2024521/04/2024St. Gallen (Switzerland)Olma Messen St. Gallen
FOIRE EXPOSITION D'ANGERSThe Angers Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of activities and exhibitions related to the home, garden, gastronomy, tourism, leisure and well-being. It is a place where visitors can discover new trends, products and services in these areas. In addition, it provides the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences and find inspiration to improve the quality of life.18/04/2024522/04/2024Angers (France)Angers Parc Expo
HANNOVER MESSEThe HANNOVER MESSE is an international fair that highlights the innovative potential of companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technologies. At this event, the latest trends and advances in these industries are exhibited, demonstrating the impact they have on technological development and digital transformation.22/04/2024526/04/2024Hanover (Germany)Deutsche Messe Hannover
INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION - HANNOVERThe Process Automation and Industrial Engineering Fair in Hannover is an event dedicated to the automation and industrial engineering industry.22/04/2024526/04/2024Hanover (Germany)Deutsche Messe Hannover
FIERA DI MODENA MULTIFERAThe Modena International Fair, known as Fiera di Modena, is an event of great importance in the field of fashion.24/04/2024528/04/2024Modena (Italy)Modena Fiere
ST. PETERSBURG TECHNICAL FAIRThe St. Petersburg Technical Fair is one of the most prominent events in Russia in the sectors of metallurgy, mechanical engineering and industrial innovation.24/04/2024326/04/2024Saint Petersburg (Russia)ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE LA HAUTE-SAVOIE MONT-BLANCAn international fair takes place in the Haute-Savoie region, where more than 500 exhibitors show the latest developments in home improvement, furniture, outdoor items, crafts, decoration, DIY projects, gastronomy, entertainment, automobiles, wellness and much more.27/04/20241006/05/2024La Roche-sur-Foron (France)Rochexpo
BAZAAR OF CONSUMABLES - SUMMER FAIRMontenegro Summer Fair: A place to find a wide variety of consumer products.May 2024May 202431/08/2148Budva (Montenegro)Adriatic Fair
SAN CIRIACO FIERAThe San Ciriaco Fair in Ancona is an event that brings together artisans, local producers and food lovers in a market full of unique products. In addition to the wide variety of products available, the fair also offers numerous activities to enjoy.May 2024May 202431/08/2148Ancona (Italy)Ancona (Italy)
FOIRE D'AGENThe Agen Fair takes place, an event that includes a gastronomic village and a wide variety of shows and entertainment.May 2024May 202431/08/2148FranceParc des expositions d'Agen
FOIRE DE MAI - METZOne of the most prominent fair events in the eastern region of FranceMay 2024May 202431/08/2148Metz (France)Center International des Congrès et Foires Expositions
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE PARISInternational exhibition in Paris covering a wide range of topics, such as home and habitat, world arts and cultures, wellness, fashion and accessories, leisure and practical living, as well as wines and gastronomy.01/05/20241212/05/2024Paris France)Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
INDUSTRY NEXTINDUSTRY NEXT is a revolutionary initiative that drives the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the global growth of Industry 4.0.May 2024May 202431/08/2148Poznan (Poland)Poznań Congress Center
Togliatti Consumer Goods Fair.During the summer season, an event dedicated to the exhibition and sale of consumer products will be held in Togliatti.May 2024May 202431/08/2148Togliatti (Russia)Expo Togliatti
TOUR FOIREThe Tour Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of attractions, such as the exhibition of used cars, gardens, furniture and home equipment, as well as a large selection of dining options.03/05/20241012/05/2024FranceParc des expositions de Tours
FOIRE COMTOISE BESANÇONThe Besançon Fair, also known as the 'Foire Comtoise', is a 9-day event full of activities, exchanges, discoveries, demonstrations, meetings and tastings.04/05/2024912/05/2024Besancon (France)Parc des expositions de Besançon - Micropolis
GAP FOIRE EXPOThe Gap Fair-Exhibition is a 9-day event where the talented professional actors of the Hautes-Alpes show their skill and knowledge in various activities.04/05/2024912/05/2024Gap (France)Parc de La Pépinière
INDUSTRIAUTOMATION (INDUSTRY DAYS)Global Industrial Technology and Automation Exhibition07/05/2024410/05/2024Budapest, Hungary)Budapest Fair Center
ISKON – KONYA MACHINE TECHNOLOGIES FAIRSISKON is a specialized exhibition in the machinery industry held in Konya. At this event, a variety of products and solutions related to handling, storage, transportation and logistics are exhibited. It is an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and technologies in this sector.08/05/2024411/05/2024Konya (Türkiye)KTO - Tüyap Konya International Fair Center
KONELEX – KONYA MACHINE TECHNOLOGIES FAIRSKONELEX is a fair that focuses on the exhibition of machine technologies in the city of Konya. This fair covers the electricity, electronics, electromechanics, automation and lighting sectors.08/05/2024411/05/2024Konya (Türkiye)KTO - Tüyap Konya International Fair Center
KONYASAC – KONYA MACHINE TECHNOLOGIES FAIRSKONYASAC - Machinery Technology Fair in Konya. Exhibition of machinery and production equipment for metal, wood and plastic industries. Includes factory, electrical, electronic, automation, pneumatic, hydraulic, welding and cutting equipment. Manual and rewriting tools will also be presented.08/05/2024411/05/2024Konya (Türkiye)KTO - Tüyap Konya International Fair Center
EURASIAN HARDWAREDiscover and connect with trusted suppliers specializing in hardware manufacturing such as fasteners, hand and power tools, furniture accessories and components, locks and more.09/05/2024412/05/2024Istanbul, Turkey)Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
THE CHAMPIONSHIP FAIRDiscover the exciting Padua International Fair, an unmissable event offering a wide range of home trends, shopping essentials and delicious cuisine from around the world. Immerse yourself in hours of entertainment and pleasure at this unique event.11/05/2024919/05/2024Padua (Italy)Padua (Italy)
METAL SHOW & TIBInternational exhibition in Romania presenting metallurgy, technologies and industrial equipment related to metal.14/05/2024417/05/2024Bucharest (Romania)Romexpo
WARSAW INDUSTRY AUTOMATICThe main industrial automation and robotics exhibition in Poland.14/05/2024316/05/2024Warsaw, Poland)Ptak Warsaw Expo
BALTTECHNIKABALTTECHNIKA is an international fair that focuses on the presentation of advances in mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, electronics and electrical engineering, measurement and control devices, as well as ecological solutions.15/05/2024317/05/2024Vilnius (Lithuania)Lithuanian Exhibition Center (Litexpo)
EXPOKOSEXPOKOS is an international event that focuses on the construction, energy, technology, furniture and real estate industries.15/05/2024216/05/2024Prishtina (Kosovo)Pallati i Rinise, Cultures dhe i Sporteve
MULHOUSE FOIR'EXPOThe Mulhouse International Exhibition, known as FOIR'EXPO, is a prominent event in the city.18/05/2024926/05/2024Mulhouse (France)Parc des Expositions
Bordeaux International Fair
The Bordeaux International Fair is an event that brings together more than 1,200 experts in various fields such as leisure, housing, gastronomy and services. With an area of more than 200,000 m2, this fair is considered the largest socio-economic meeting in the New Aquitaine region. During the event, trends and developments in different sectors are presented, offering visitors a unique and enriching experience.18/05/2024926/05/2024FranceParc des expositions de Bordeaux-Lac
SAJAM TEHNIKE - INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF TECHNIQUE AND TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTSThe International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements is a leading event showcasing advances in industrial technology, such as electronics, energy production and metalworking.21/05/2024424/05/2024Belgrade (Serbia)Belgrade Fair Grounds
Champagne FairAt the beginning of the Champagne fairs, a variety of themes and products will be presented for all tastes. You will find a wide range of decoration, furniture, kitchen utensils, household items, heating and air conditioning systems, renewable energy, regional gastronomic delights, wines and champagne, garden ideas, DIY projects, pools and spas, automobiles, tourism and crafts.jun. 20242024to confirmTroyes (France)Parc des Expositions de Troyes - Le Cube
CESENA IN FIERAA fair is held in Cesena that offers a wide variety of activities. You can enjoy shopping, shows, exhibitions, guided tours and taste delicious menus typical of the region, both on land and sea. In addition, you can also try ethnic cuisine.jun. 20242024to confirmCesena (Italy)Cesena Fiera
EUROTRADE FAIR INTERNATIONAL STOCKLOTS TRADE FAIRThe international EUROTRADE fair focuses on the trade of batches of products, both for import and export.jun. 20242024to confirmThe Hague (Netherlands)From Broodfabriek: Expo & Event Center
Nancy International Fair
International exhibition event in Nancy01/06/2024909/06/2024Nancy (France)Parc des Expositions de Nancy
FOIRE EXHIBITION OF PICARDIERenowned trade fair event in the Picardy region01/06/2024909/06/2024Amiens (France)MegaCité
TIBCO Bucharest International Consumer Goods Fair.The Bucharest International Fair for consumer productsjun. 20242024to confirmBucharest (Romania)Romexpo
SEPEM INDUSTRIES ESTSEPEM INDUSTRIES EST is a place where services, equipment, processes and maintenance are offered for the eastern region of France.04/06/2024306/06/2024Colmar (France)Parc des Expositions de Colmar
THE MFCC - MALTA TRADE FAIRThe Malta Trade Fair, known as MFCC Malta, is an event that brings together more than 100 exhibitors and offers new business and networking opportunities. It is the perfect place to expand your business and establish new business relationships.27/06/20241107/07/2024Naxxar (Malta)Malta Fairs and Convention Center
JARMARK SW. DOMINIKAThe Jarmark Sw. Dominika event in Gdansk is an international fair.jul. 2024jul. 2024 (?)to confirmGdansk (Poland)Amberexpo
INNOPROMINNOPROM is an international fair and forum held in the Urals, focused on industry and innovation.08/07/2024411/07/2024Yekaterinburg (Russia)IEC 'Ekaterinburg-Expo'
FOIRE EXHIBITION OF LA ROCHELLEThe La Rochelle Expo Fair is an event that gives attendees the opportunity to discover the latest trends and receive advice from experts in different areas. It is a place where you can obtain information and knowledge from professionals in various fields.to confirm "Aug. 2024".2024to confirmLa Rochelle (France)Châtelaillon-Plage Hippodrome
NOLIAMÄSSANNoliamässan is a massive event in Sweden covering a wide range of sectors, such as home and construction, food and drink, design and fashion, fitness and health, technology and automobiles, caravans and motorhomes, leisure and outdoor living. It is considered the largest public fair in the country.07/08/2024511/08/2024Piteå (Sweden)Pitea
CHÂLONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE FOIREThe Châlons-en-Champagne fair is a prominent event in eastern France, which is located on the border with four European countries. It is characterized by its focus on quality agriculture and food, as well as economic innovation. In addition, it offers a wide variety of musical concerts throughout its duration.30/08/20241109/09/2024Châlons-en-Champagne (France)Le Capitole in Champagne
AUTUMN FAIRFall event in Birmingham offering a wide variety of products and services. You will find items for the home, decoration, beauty, well-being, gifts, greetings and stationery. There will also be a section dedicated to children, with toys and games, as well as a selection of fashion, jewelery and watches.01/09/2024404/09/2024Birmingham (United Kingdom)National Exhibition Center
SAN MATTEO FIERAThe Fiera di San Matteo, a festivity traditionally appreciated by residents of the Metauro Valley, gives tourists the opportunity to explore the abundance of art, culture and charm around Fossombrone. This event offers a combination of fair and entertainment, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a unique experience.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmFossombrone (Italy)Fossombrone (Italy)
SAN MICHELE FAIRThe St. Michael's Fair in Santarcangelo di Romagna is a traditional event that includes a characteristic bird singing competition.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmItalySantarcangelo di Romagna
FIRANOAIA Multi-sector fair of Igualada. The great economic showcase of the Anoia region.The Igualada Multisector Fair is an outstanding event that promotes the economic development of the Anoia region. This is a great opportunity to showcase and promote the region's products and services.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmI'm sorry, but I cannot extract specific information from unstructured data without any specific instructions or patterns to follow. Could you please provide more details or specify the format of the data you have?Passeig Verdaguer, Igualada.
PAU FOIREThe Pau Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy. You can delight in the local cuisine, discover housing options, shop, take care of your beauty and well-being, learn about the town's associations, visit a temporary farm and enjoy a music festival.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmFranceFoire Expositions de Pau
FOIRE EXPO HAUT-SAÔNOISE – VESOULThe Haut-Saônoise Fair-Exhibition in Vesoulsept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmVesoul (France)Parc des Expositions de Haute-Saône
FOIRE EXPO RÉGIONALE DE DOUAIDouai Regional Fair Eventsept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmDouai (France)Parc des Expositions du Rivage Gayant
INTERNATIONAL FOIRE OF CLERMONT-COURNONThe international fair taking place in Clermont-Cournonsept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmClermont-Ferrand (France)Grande Halle d'Auvergne
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE MARSEILLEInternational event in Marseille offering a wide variety of activities and exhibitions. You will be able to enjoy local gastronomy, discover local products, explore the world of home and well-being, learn about the latest automotive news, enjoy the outdoors and sports, admire motorcycles and boats, and marvel at the crafts and cuisines of different cultures.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmMarseille (France)Parc Chanot
INTERNATIONAL FOIRE OF SAINT-ÉTIENNEThe Saint-Étienne international fair is an event of great importance in the city.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmSaint-Étienne (France)Parc Expo de Saint-Etienne
Verdun Fair-Exhibition
Exhibition event and fair in the city of Verdunsept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmVerdun (France)Verdun Expo Meuse
IZMIR INTERNATIONAL FAIRIzmir International Fair is an event that shows the agricultural, food and gastronomic culture of Turkey and Izmir to all visitors. It is a platform where you can discover the unique traditions of the region.sept. 2024sept. 2024to confirmIzmir (Türkiye)Culturepark Fair Ground
INTERNATIONAL SAMPLE FAIRInternational furniture exhibition event in Valladolid.04/09/2024508/09/2024Valladolid (Spain)Valladolid Fair
ZOM WETZIKONZOM WETZIKON is a prominent event in the Zurich Oberland, offering a public fair and large-scale popular sales. This platform uses ZOOM to facilitate personal discussions, product and service presentations, as well as networking opportunities and market research.04/09/2024508/09/2024Wetzikon (Switzerland)Wetzikon Messehallen
ARMENIA EXPOThe Yerevan International Fair in Armenia, known as EXPOFeria, is a major event in the country.06/09/2024308/09/2024Yerevan (Armenia)Yerevan Expo
FOIRE DE BÉRÉ - CHÂTEAUBRIANTThe Béré Fair in Châteaubriant is an event that offers a wide variety of activities and attractions. In this event you can enjoy a fair full of fun, an area dedicated to livestock, another area dedicated to horses and a fairground with many options to entertain you. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this exciting fair and enjoy all the activities it offers.06/09/2024409/09/2024Châteaubriant (France)Foire de Béré
FOIRE EUROPEENNE DE STRASBOURGThe European Fair in Strasbourg is an annual event that brings together 25 countries and offers a wide range of products and services for the home, garden, decoration, well-being and gifts. This fair is constantly updated to offer the latest trends and developments in these areas.06/09/20241015/09/2024Strasbourg (France)Strasbourg Exhibition Park
INDUSTRIAL ARMENIA EXPOExhibition of products and capital goods of Armenian industry06/09/2024308/09/2024Yerevan (Armenia)Yerevan (Armenia)
THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL FAIRThe Thessaloniki International Fair, also known as Thessaloniki International Fair, is an event of great international importance.07/09/2024915/09/2024Thessaloniki (Greece)Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center
TIF - THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL FAIRThe Thessaloniki International Fair, known as TIF.07/09/2024915/09/2024Thessaloniki (Greece)Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center
INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY FAIRInternational Commodity Fair is an initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce that seeks to promote the exchange of high-quality consumer goods internationally. Its main objective is to establish commercial links between representatives of Russia, China, Europe and Central Asia, as well as promote collaboration with other countries.09/09/2024311/09/2024Moscow, Russia)Crocus-Expo IEC
HERBSTMESE KLAGENFURTWith the participation of more than 500 companies, the Autumn Fair in Klagenfurt stands out as the leading trade event in southern Austria.11/09/2024515/09/2024Klagenfurt (Austria)Klagenfurter Messe
FOIRE DU MANSThe Le Mans Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of products and services to inspire your projects. You can find homes, wines and gastronomy, innovative products, cars, furniture, construction spaces for public works and agricultural equipment. This fair is the perfect place to discover new ideas and solutions for your projects.12/09/2024516/09/2024Le Mans (France)Center des expositions du Mans
SAVOIE FOIREThe Savoy Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of products and services related to home, garden, shopping, technology, entertainment and services. It is a place where visitors can find everything they need to improve their daily lives and enjoy their free time.13/09/20241123/09/2024Chambery (France)Savoiexpo - Parc des expositions de Chambery
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE CAENThe Caen International Fair is a 10-day event that combines commerce, entertainment and shows. In order to meet the growing expectations of its visitors, the fair strives to diversify and improve its programming each year.20/09/20241029/09/2024Caen (France)Parc des expositions de Caen
BELARUSIAN INDUSTRIAL FORUMEvent of great importance in Belarus focused on industry, where topics such as energy efficiency, resource conservation, environmental protection, as well as science and innovation are addressed.24/09/2024326/09/2024Minsk (Belarus)Football Manege Sport Complex
SEPEM INDUSTRIES SUD-OUESTThis is an event that offers a wide range of services, equipment, processes and maintenance for the industry in the southwest region.24/09/2024326/09/2024Toulouse (France)MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Center de Conventions
TECHINNOPROMThe International Fair for Innovative Technologies in Industry, known as TECHINNOPROM, is a global event that highlights technological advances in the industrial sector.24/09/2024326/09/2024Minsk (Belarus)Football Manege Sport Complex
INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL FAIRInternational technical exhibition26/09/2024429/09/2024Plowdiw (Bulgaria)Plowdiw (Bulgaria)
OBERRHEIN MESSEThe OBERRHEIN MESSE is a fair that focuses on exhibiting a wide range of products and services related to energy concepts, construction, housing and renovation, home and craft technologies, beauty, fashion and health.26/09/20241106/10/2024Offenburg (Germany)Messe Offenburg
FOIRE EXPO OF FOUGÈRESThe Fougères Fair is an event that focuses on housing, the garden, wine and gastronomy, as well as the latest fashion and decoration trends. It is a space where visitors can find everything related to these topics and enjoy a unique experience.27/09/2024329/09/2024Fougeres (France)Espace Aumaillerie
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE METZThe Metz International Fair is a commercial and social event of great importance in the northeast of France. It is recognized as one of the main international fairs in the country and attracts numerous visitors and exhibitors.27/09/20241107/10/2024Metz (France)Center International des Congrès et Foires Expositions
GENERAL FAIR ZARAGOZAThe Zaragoza General Fair is an event that encompasses a wide variety of sectors, such as food, fashion and accessories, furniture and decoration, crafts and sports activities.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmZaragoza (Spain)Zaragoza Fair
GIRONA SHOW FAIRThe Girona Mostres Fair is an event that covers a wide variety of sectors, including food, industry, technology, decoration, construction, leisure and tourism in the regions of Girona and Catalonia.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmGirona (Spain)Girona Firal Campus
FOIRE-EXPO DE CHOLETThe Cholet Fair covers a wide variety of topics, such as home, garden, motorcycles, crafts, gastronomy, wine, smart products and well-being. In addition, it offers four days of uninterrupted entertainment.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmCholet (France)Parc des expositions de la Meilleraie - Cholet
INFA HANNOVERAt INFA Hannover you will find a great selection of products and a wonderful mix of lifestyle, fashion, wellness, construction + living, Christmas and culinary delights.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmHanover (Germany)Deutsche Messe Hannover
OCTOBER JOURNEYSEvent dedicated to the promotion of gastronomy and the food industry, with a special focus on fruits and vegetables.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmMulhouse (France)Parc des Expositions
SALON DE L'INDUSTRIE ET DE LA SOUS-TRAITANCE GRAND OUESTThe 'Industrie & Sous-Traitance du Grand Ouest' event is a fair that gives national and local contractors the opportunity to meet their suppliers and industrial partners effectively.01/10/2024303/10/2024Nantes (France)Exponents - La Beaujoire
SASO Fair of construction, wood and metal, tools and equipment, energy, electrical engineering, telecommunications industriesThe fair presents a wide range of industrial sectors, such as construction, wood and metal, tools and equipment, energy, electrical engineering and telecommunications.oct. 2024to confirm "2024".to confirmSplit (Croatia)Spaladium Arena
FOIRE DE MONTLUÇONThe Montluçon Fair is an outstanding event that brings together around 300 exhibitors, offering visitors the opportunity to make purchases in a unique way. In addition, it gives professionals the possibility of establishing quality connections with the general public.05/10/2024913/10/2024Montluçon FranceParc des Expositions
MSVInternational Engineering FairThe MSV is a leading event in Central Europe focusing on the engineering industry. It is an international fair of great relevance in this sector.08/10/2024411/10/2024Brno (Czech Republic)Brno Exhibition Center
Montpellier International Fair

Output: FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE MONTPELLIER, Montpellier International Fair
International event in Montpellier11/10/20241121/10/2024Montpellier (France)Parc des Expositions
SIANEFair of industry partners of the Great SouthSIANE is a fair that brings together industry partners from the Great South, with the aim of boosting economic growth in the Midi-Pyrénées region. In addition to companies from the aeronautical sector, players from the automotive, medical and electronics industries also participate.15/10/2024317/10/2024Toulouse (France)MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Center de Conventions
TOGLIATTI AUTUMN FAIRThe Togliatti Autumn Fair is an event that offers a wide variety of consumer products. At this event you can find clothing, footwear, hats, fabrics, leather goods, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, fashion accessories, children's products, equipment and fabrics for the home. It is a perfect opportunity to discover new trends and purchase quality products in a festive atmosphere.16/10/2024520/10/2024Togliatti (Russia)Expo Togliatti
FOIRE DU JURAThe Jura Fair is an event that brings together businessmen, merchants, artisans and industrialists from all over Switzerland. It is a crossroads of business opportunities where exchange and collaboration between different sectors of the economy are promoted.18/10/20241027/10/2024Delémont (Switzerland)Le Comptoir Delémontain
WARSAW INDUSTRY WEEK – INDUSTRIAL MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT FAIRWarsaw Industry Week is a trade fair that showcases a wide range of industrial machines and equipment. The event focuses on machinery and equipment for metal and woodwork, plastic processing, automation, robotics, software, industrial methodology, research and development, and occupational health.22/10/2024324/10/2024Warsaw, Poland)Ptak Warsaw Expo
CONSUME NÜRNBERGThe most important trade exhibition in southern Germany in Nuremberg.26/10/2024903/11/2024Nuremberg (Germany)Exhibition Center Nuremberg
KARLSRUHE OFFERKarlsruhe offers an exciting, shopping-filled fair for the whole family. With four different themed areas, including leisure, construction, lifestyle and lounges, spread across four pavilions and an outdoor area, there is something to suit everyone.26/10/2024903/11/2024Karlsruhe (Germany)Messe Karlsruhe
CHINA HOME LIFEChina Homelife is a large-scale event that brings together more than 500 Chinese exhibitors in Europe. At this fair, a wide variety of products are exhibited in sectors such as consumer electronics, fashion, textiles and leather, household appliances, lighting, home and garden, among others.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmWarsaw, Poland)Ptak Warsaw Expo
CHINA HOMELIFE SHOW POLANDExhibition of a wide range of Chinese products in Poland, including fabrics, clothing, electronic devices, home furnishings, building materials, lighting systems, home appliances and gift items, among others.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmWarsaw, Poland)Ptak Warsaw Expo
CHINA MACHINEXChina Machinex is a fair specialized in the machinery industry from China. The exhibitors at this event show a wide range of products belonging to sectors such as electricity, new energies, machinery and tools, as well as textiles and work and protective clothing.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmWarsaw, Poland)Ptak Warsaw Expo
EXPOFIESTAThe National Exhibition of Traditional Celebrationsnov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmAlicante (Spain)Alicante Fair Institution
FIERA D'AUTUNNOAutumn fair, an event that is celebrated at this time of year.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmItalyfair bolzano
SAN MARTINO FAIRThe San Martino fair in Santarcangelo in Romagna.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmItalySantarcangelo di Romagna
FOIRE AUX MARRONS DE CREILAutumn event in Creil celebrating the traditional Chestnut Fair. During this event, visitors will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as tasting delicious food, exploring clothing and craft booths, and participating in fun activities.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmCreil (France)Creil (France)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE GRENOBLEInternational Exhibition in Grenoble covering a wide range of topics such as home and garden, automobiles, shopping, gastronomy, leisure and local life.01/11/20241111/11/2024Grenoble (France)Alpexpo
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE ET GASTRONOMIQUE DE DIJONInternational and culinary event in Dijonnov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmDijon (France)Parc des Expositions et Congrès de Dijon
NATAL IDEAThe creation of a Christmas event in Udine that promotes craftsmanship, creativity and the spirit of giving at the time of Nativity is proposed.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmUdine (Italy)Udine and Gorizia Fiere
MARCHÉ DE NOËL DE CAENThe festive winter event in Caen, where you celebrate the Christmas spirit and enjoy a market full of charm and tradition.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmCaen (France)Parc des expositions de Caen
PANAIR NDËRKOMBËTARThe international exhibition in Tirana, known as PANAIR NDËRKOMBËTAR,nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmTirana (Albania)Palace of Congresses.
TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIRThe Tirana International Fair, known as TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR, is an event of great importance in the city of Tirana.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmTirana (Albania)Palace of Congresses.
WINTI MÄSSWinterthur Winter Fair.The Winterthur Winter Fair, known as WINTI MÄSS, is an annual event that takes place in the city of Winterthur during the winter season.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)to confirmWinterthur (Switzerland)Eulachhallen
MATELEC INDUSTRYMATELEC INDUSTRY is an international event that focuses on technological solutions for industry and the smart factory. Its objective is to adapt production environments to the new era of digital industry 4.0.05/11/2024408/11/2024Madrid Spain)Ifema - Juan Carlos I Fair Park
ESKISEHIR INDUSTRY FAIREskisehir Industry Fair is a leading event focusing on research and development, industry and technology. Eskisehir is recognized as an important base for the aerospace, defense and machinery industry in Turkey.06/11/2024409/11/2024Eskisehir (Türkiye)Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center
3D ADDITIVE EXPO3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Expo: Discover the latest innovations in 3D printers and scanners at affordable prices, along with news from the main Czech filament manufacturers. All in one place.07/11/2024309/11/2024Batalha (Portugal)Batalha Exhibition Center
I4.0 EXPOThe Industry 4.0 Fair, focused on automation and robotics, is an event that promotes and exhibits technological advances in these fields.07/11/2024309/11/2024Batalha (Portugal)Batalha Exhibition Center
SUBCONTRACTINGOutsourcing involves the outsourcing of processes and equipment necessary for production.07/11/2024309/11/2024Batalha (Portugal)Batalha Exhibition Center
LES AUTOMNALESThe International Geneva Fair, known as Les Automnales, is an event that focuses on home, well-being, leisure and flavours. During this fair and exhibition, you will be able to find a wide variety of exhibitors, participate in workshops and enjoy various activities.08/11/20241017/11/2024Geneva, Switzerland)Palexpo
SEPEM INDUSTRIES AUVERGNE RH-ALPESFair specialized in the services, equipment, processes and maintenance industry in the Auvergne Rh-Alpes region.19/11/2024321/11/2024Grenoble (France)Alpexpo
COUNTRY LIVING CHRISTMAS FAIR - GLASGOWChristmas fair in Glasgow with a wide variety of unique gifts, inspiring decoration ideas, and much more.21/11/2024424/11/2024Glasgow (United Kingdom)SEC - Scottich Event Campus
BE 4.0 INDUSTRIES DU FUTURA trinational meeting will be held in Mulhouse, eastern France, featuring future industry players from France, Germany and Switzerland.26/11/2024227/11/2024Mulhouse (France)Parc des Expositions
MÜSIAD EXPOThe Istanbul Industrial Fair, known as MÜSIAD EXPO, is a leading event in the industry.26/11/2024429/11/2024Istanbul, Turkey)Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
NUMACMachine tool fairExhibition of industrial machinery and tools. Equipment and spare parts, electrical and electronic components, information technology...26/11/2024429/11/2024Istanbul, Turkey)Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
International fair of materials and technologies for industrial production, mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, electrical engineering, toolsGlobal exhibition of products and technologies for industrial manufacturing, machinery, automation, electronics, electrical engineering and tools.27/11/2024430/11/2024Riga (Latvia)Riga International Exhibition Center
BELGRADE NEW YEAR'S FESTIVALCelebrate the New Year in Belgrade with an exciting festival.dec. 2024dec. 2024 (?)to confirmBelgrade (Serbia)Belgrade Fair Grounds
CHRISTMAS FAIR PRAGUEChristmas fair in Prague with a wide selection of gifts, decorations and household products.dec. 2024dec. 2024 (?)to confirmPrague (Czech Republic)PVA Letnany - Prague Exhibition Center Letnany
COUNTRY LIVING CHRISTMAS FAIR - HARROGATEHarrogate Christmas Market is an event providing a huge range of unique gifts, inspiring decorating ideas and much more.05/12/2024408/12/2024Harrogate (United Kingdom)Harrogate International Center
TOGLIATTI CHRISTMAS FAIRThe Togliatti Christmas Fair is an event where consumer products are displayed and sold.11/12/2024515/12/2024Togliatti (Russia)Expo Togliatti
CHRISTMAS MARKET SOCHIAt the Sochi Christmas market you will find a wide variety of gifts and decorations for the Christmas and New Year festivities. Plus, we offer festive packaging to make your gifts look even more special. You will also find a large selection of Christmas paraphernalia, such as toys, masks, costumes and crafts so you can enjoy these celebrations to the fullest. Don't forget to take a look at our New Year's decoration section, where you will find everything you need to give a festive touch to your home. And if you're looking for more than just gifts and decorations, we also have clothing, jewelry and watches so you can look stylish this holiday season. We are waiting for you at the Sochi Christmas market!19/12/2024422/12/2024Sochi (Russia)Grand Hotel Polyana
SEPEM INDUSTRIES NORDExhibition in the north of France offering a wide range of services, equipment, processes and maintenance for industries.28/01/2025330/01/2025Douai (France)Parc des Expositions du Rivage Gayant
INDUSTRIE LYONINDUSTRIE LYON is a leading European trade fair focusing on production technologies. This event brings together a wide range of solutions in equipment, components, products and services for all stages of industrial manufacturing, from design to production. It is a place where professionals in the sector can discover the latest innovations and establish important business contacts. INDUSTRIE LYON is a unique opportunity to keep up to date with trends and advances in the production industry.March 2025202515/09/2030Lyon (France)eurexpo
INTERINDUSTRYAn international exhibition of products and services for different industrial sectors.27/05/2025430/05/2025Porto (Portugal)exponor
SEPEM INDUSTRIES SUD-EST - MARTIGUESExhibition of services, machinery, techniques and care for industrial companies in the southern region of France.jun. 202525to confirmMartigues (France)The Halle of Martigues
MAINFRANKEN MESSE WÜRZBURGThe Würzburg Fair in Mainfrankensept. 20252025to confirmWürzburg (Germany)Main Exhibition Hall
SINDEXAn industrial exhibition covering areas such as automation, robotics, fluid handling, electronics, electrical engineering, production engineering, education, research and development.02/09/2025304/09/2025Bern (Switzerland)Bern (Switzerland)
HI-INDUSTRIMESSENFair specialized in the industrial sector that covers topics such as automation, electronics, logistics and subcontracting.30/09/20253029/10/2025Herning (Denmark)Exhibition Center Herning
SEPEM INDUSTRIES CENTER-OUESTRegional exhibition of industrial services, machinery, procedures and facility care.oct. 2025oct. 2025 (?)to confirmAngers (France)Angers Parc Expo
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