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The only way to know what your stand is going to cost you is to ask for quotes and if possible...several. But you want to have a general idea and you already know what we are telling you... so keep reading and you will see some interesting facts with which you can start to get an idea.
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Before starting, I clarify that this is a specific post about the cost of a trade fair stand. If you are looking to learn aboutthe costs of a fair In general I recommend that you visit this post.. If you prefer to see a video about the costs of a fair, follow the link. That said…the cost of a handmade stand can vary greatly, depending on the finishes, the amount of space built, and the configuration of its design (height, one or two floors, etc.) 

There is also a very big difference, as we have said before, when contracting with a local provider versus a foreign provider.Another factor that influences the price is the country in which it is exhibited. For example, local Spanish builders are cheaper than German ones. Having said that, the variation is quite large and it is difficult to determine what the price per square meter of a stand is, in general. Anyway, I would like to let you know some figures that may be useful for you as a reference if they coincide with your type of stand, location, etc.

You must also bear in mind that when contracting a turnkey stand, the builder gets the added value of each of the services that he subcontracts. If you want to know more about how much you can save hiring the services yourself, follow this post 

Finally, to calculate the total cost of the stand, you should not forget to include fair services, and of course the space cost. In this post we will refer exclusively to the construction of the stand.
Due to inflation in the Eurozone it is difficult for a price guide to help you if you are reading this long after the publication of this manual. In any case, we leave you some reference prices for turnkey customers valid during the year 2022.

Below we will break down the cost of a project, in all its sections. Again I repeat, these costs arise from quoting each item with both local and foreign suppliers, and cannot be taken as an absolute reference, it is only to give a general idea

Case study: 170 m2 stand for a machinery company (Milan)

The stand is made of painted carpentry (mdf). It consists of a warehouse, an office and an area delimited by a low wall. The floor is divided into a general carpeted area and a social area with a 10 cm high platform and melamine finish. The carpet has cutouts in different colors. In the aerial part, an aerial volume has been placed that covers an important part of the stand to provide lighting to all the elements. The volume is covering a truss structure that gives it structure. The office has glass (froast vinyl) and a TV on the front. The graph is placed on a superimposed panel, and has LED lighting at the top and bottom.

exhibition booth-2
plan view exhibition stand


excel table quotation booth
excel table quotation booth
excel table quotation booth
excel table quotation booth
quotation stand milano excel table

The final price is around 50k offered by an Italian builder, so This budget does not include transportation, hotel or allowances for assembly personnel. To this cost must be added the fair space and the fair services.

fair services

When calculating the total price of a stand, it is important to calculate the cost of the services, since they can represent a very important expense. In this case, the biggest expense would be Rigging. The rigging price calculation is an estimate, based on a Fiera Milano price list. In any case, it is always necessary to receive a price from the fair since it can have a great variation depending on the place where the stand is located.

services table

Want to see more quotes?

Here are some projects and their cost. With this you can get a very general idea of what a stand can be worth. Keep in mind that the price can vary a lot depending on a multiplicity of factors such as: Country where the fair is held, stand finishes, and of course the supplier that manufactures it. 

42 m2 -Düsseldorf

exhibition stand hexagon
floor finishingCarpet+Melamine
wall finishingmdf painted
Budget26.000 €

50 m2 -Hanover

exhibition stand
floor finishingCarpet+Melamine
wall finishingMDF Painted
Budget21000 €

60 m2 -Munich

exhibition stand aerial sign
floor finishingPlatform + Carpet
wall finishingDM Painted
Budget27.000 €

68 m2 -Madrid

exhibition stand
floor finishingCarpet (without flooring
wall finishingmdf painted
Quote18.000 €

68 m2 -Leipzig

Exhibition stand
floor finishingCarpet+Melamine
wall finishingmdf painted
Budget33.000 €

How much is the cheapest a stand can cost?

The cheapest stand is usually the schel scheme (type stand) that the fair usually offers. It is a stand that does not require design and can only be customized with graphics. 

Here you can see a modular stand offered by Interlift (Aüsburg) for the 2023 edition. The cost per m2 is 360 euros. You can get modular at a better price by contracting with external suppliers, but the stand offered by the fair always has its advantages (you do not pay an assembly fee, for example).

16 m² (Interlift, Aüsburg Germany)

modular stand

Don't miss the next chapter of this exciting adventure!

I hope that after reading this post you have a clearer idea about the prices of the fair stands. In the next article I will tell you about the process that a stand carries out from its planning, production to its start-up at the fair. I will also tell you what things you should take into account in this process to keep an effective control over the assembly of your stand. 

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This is a series of articles that aim to give a complete vision of the assembly of trade fair stands. Here you can see the links to the topics that I touch on, I assure you that you will not regret taking a look: 

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