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Trade fairs in Berlin are recognized worldwide as major business events. The city hosts a number of trade fairs that attract thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world, and prominent service providers in this arena include Visual Events.

Visual Events is a benchmark in the design and management of effective exhibition spaces at trade fairs in Berlin. With years of experience in the industry, the company has demonstrated a strong knowledge and creative approach to its work. Its team of highly trained and passionate professionals is committed to offering comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of each client.

Visual Events has worked closely with organizers of trade fairs in Berlin, providing design services that stand out for their creativity and functionality. Their extensive know-how allows them to adapt to the specific needs of each event, offering innovative and attractive designs that capture the attention of visitors.

Visual Events' expertise in trade shows in Berlin has been widely recognized for its ability to create exhibition spaces that make an impact and stand out from the crowd. Their personalized approach and attention to detail enable them to deliver solutions that meet exhibitors' expectations and contribute to the overall success of trade shows.



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In summary, Visual Events stands out as a leading provider of exhibition space design and management at trade fairs in Berlin. Their experience, know-how and personalized approach make them a reliable partner for companies that want to stand out at these events and get the most out of their participation.



Upcoming fairs in the city of Berlin

PREMIUM BERLINThe Berlin International Fashion Fair, known for its prestige and quality, is a prominent event in the fashion industry in the German capital.16/01/2024217/01/2024BerlinThe Station Berlin.
Contemporary Fashion FairSEEK is a contemporary fashion event that brings together buyers and brands of high-end sportswear, reinvented classic pieces, original designer collections and premium streetwear.16/01/2024217/01/2024BerlinThe Station Berlin
HIPPOLOGICA BERLINThe Berlin fair dedicated to horse riding and equestrian sports is a specialized event in the world of horses.19/01/20241028/01/2024BerlinBerlin
INTERNATIONAL GREEN WEEK BERLINThe International Green Week Berlin is a fair that focuses on the food industry, agriculture and horticulture.19/01/20241028/01/2024Berlinberlin
HIPPOLOGICA BERLINThe Berlin fair dedicated to horse riding and equestrian sports is known as Hippologica.19/01/20241028/01/2024BerlinBerlin
INTERNATIONAL GREEN WEEK BERLINThe International Green Week Berlin is a fair that focuses on the food industry, agriculture and horticulture.19/01/20241028/01/2024BerlinBerlin
FRUIT LOGISTICSThe International Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Fair, known as FRUIT LOGISTICA, is a global event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry.07/02/2024309/02/2024BerlinBerlin
ASIA APPAREL EXPOExhibition of suppliers of clothing manufactured exclusively in Asia.19/02/2024321/02/2024BerlinBerlin
VEGGIEWORLD BERLINVeggieWorld is taking place in Berlin, an event that promotes the vegan lifestyle. During this fair, a variety of new vegan products are presented that are available on the market. Additionally, advice is provided on how to adopt vegan nutrition appropriately for daily use.

Vegan nutrition is made suitable for daily use by ensuring you get all the necessary nutrients through plant sources. This involves consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. It's also important to make sure you're getting enough protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and omega-3s, which are key nutrients often found in animal-based foods.

To become vegan and live vegan, it is important to start by educating yourself about the benefits and challenges of this lifestyle. You can search for information in books, documentaries and reliable websites. It's also helpful to connect with the local vegan community for support and share experiences. Additionally, it is important to make the transition gradually, gradually replacing animal-based foods with vegan options and experimenting with new recipes and flavors.

In short, VeggieWorld in Berlin is a trade fair that offers new vegan products and provides information on how to adopt vegan nutrition suitable for daily use. To become vegan and live vegan, it is important to educate yourself, connect with the community, and make the transition gradually.
March 2024202414/09/2029BerlinThe Station Berlin.
AUTOMOTIVE MASTERMINDSDiscussion forum on the automotive industry, where conventional technologies, the vulnerability of supply chains, the challenges of pandemics and climate change are questioned. In addition, new challenges such as digitalization and its implications in the sector are explored.05/03/2024206/03/2024BerlinMotorwerk Berlin
ITB BERLINThe international tourism fair ITB Berlin will once again bring together experts and leaders of the travel industry from around the world.05/03/2024307/03/2024BerlinBerlin
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR - BERLINThe Affordable Art Fair in Berlin is an international art exhibition presenting a wide selection of original and contemporary works at affordable prices. It is considered the main showcase for galleries and art distributors.April 2024April 202402/07/2148BerlinBerlinsand
EHRA EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIMThe International Congress of Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology, known as EHRA EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM, is an event of great importance in the field of cardiovascular medicine.07/04/2024309/04/2024BerlinBerlin
MITEINANDER LEBEN BERLINEvent in Berlin dedicated to the well-being of people with disabilities and older people, promoting coexistence and inclusion.May 2024May 202431/08/2148BerlinThe Station Berlin.
WM WERKSTATTMESSE - BERLINExhibition of automotive and commercial vehicle products, including parts, workshop equipment, tools, paint, paint accessories and tires.03/05/2024305/05/2024BerlinExpoCenter City
ANNUAL MEETING OF THE GERMAN DIABETES ASSOCIATIONAn annual meeting of the German Diabetes Association was held, where various topics related to exercise, nutrition and the environment were discussed. It was analyzed which factors are preventive and which can contribute to the development of diabetes.08/05/2024411/05/2024BerlinCityCube Berlin
CWIEME BERLINThe international exhibition in Berlin focuses on the manufacturing of electrical windings, insulation and electrical machinery.14/05/2024316/05/2024BerlinBerlin
ILAThe ILA is an international event dedicated to the aeronautical industry.05/06/2024509/06/2024Berlinberlin
WOMEN IN MOBILITY LUNCHEONThe annual Women in Mobility Luncheon event brings together prominent mobility industry leaders and professionals in an informal setting. During this meeting, points of view are exchanged on progress in diversity and collaboration is encouraged between participants.sept. 2024sept. 2024TO CONFIRMBerlinberlin
IFA BERLINThe IFA Berlin is a global trade fair that focuses on the presentation of consumer electronics and home appliances.06/09/2024510/09/2024Berlinberlin
INNOTRANSINNOTRANS is an international fair that focuses on transportation engineering, presenting innovative systems, vehicles and cutting-edge components.24/09/2024427/09/2024Berlinberlin
BCB - BAR CONVENT BERLINThe BCB is an international trade fair focusing on drinks and equipment for bars and cafés in Berlin.07/10/2024309/10/2024BerlinBerlin
VENUS BERLINA sensual and provocative event in the city of Berlin, where artistic and erotic expression is celebrated.24/10/2024427/10/2024BerlinBerlin
NUMISMATA BERLINThe international coin exhibition in Berlin26/10/2024227/10/2024BerlinBerlin
MINERALIS - BERLINMINERALIS - BERLINGlobal Fair of Minerals, Fossil Remains, Gems and Jewelrynov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMBerlinBerlin
BELEKTROBelektro is an event that brings together the latest in electronic, digital and construction technology. At this fair, visitors can explore a wide range of products and solutions related to electrical engineering, lighting, heating, renewable energy, air conditioning and ventilation. It is a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and advances in these fields and connect with industry experts.05/11/2024307/11/2024Berlinberlin
ARCHITECT @ WORK - GERMANY - BERLINArchitecture and interior design fair in Berlin, Germany. ARCHITECT @ WORK is a specialized event showcasing the latest innovations in architecture and interior design for professionals such as architects, interior designers, engineers and building owners.06/11/2024207/11/2024BerlinThe Station Berlin.
BAZAAR BERLINThe BAZAAR BERLIN store offers a wide selection of products for those looking for country style and festive gifts.06/11/2024510/11/2024BerlinBerlin
BERLIN COSMETICSCOSMETICA Berlin is the ideal destination for beauty professionals looking for high-quality products and services. Whether you need supplies for your daily work or are looking for a premium interior for your studio, you will find a wide selection of companies and brands offering top-notch products. In addition, you can receive personalized and competent advice to help you find exactly what you need.16/11/2024217/11/2024BerlinBerlin
BOOT & FUN BERLINBOOT & FUN BERLIN is a prominent event in the nautical and leisure world in Germany. This is a fair that offers a wide selection of brands and models in the largest indoor water sports area in Europe.28/11/2024401/12/2024BerlinBerlin
EXPOLINGUA BERLINThe international language and culture fair, Expolingua Berlin, provides a unique opportunity to present your offers and services to more than 13,000 enthusiasts from all over the world. Take advantage of this platform to demonstrate the excellence of what you have to offer.dec. 2024dec. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMBerlinStrandbad Tegeler See
WORLD MONEY FAIRThe World Coin Fair is the largest event dedicated to coins worldwide.02/02/2024304/02/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
WORLD MONEY FAIRThe World Coin Fair is the largest event dedicated to coins worldwide.02/02/2024304/02/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
ACCESS MASTERS - BERLINAccess Masters events give you the opportunity to meet admissions representatives from the world's leading graduate programs. Get detailed information about graduate studies in areas such as Business, Management, Marketing and Finance.13/02/20241325/02/2024Berlin, GermanyCelebration venue only
ACCESS MBA - BERLINACCESS MBA is a global campaign that aims to provide detailed information about opportunities to study an MBA. Through a series of more than 50 events in different cities around the world, ACCESS MBA seeks to connect students interested in pursuing an MBA with the best business schools. These events offer the opportunity to meet school representatives, learn about MBA programs, participate in information sessions, and network with other professionals and students. ACCESS MBA has become a key platform for those who want to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on MBA options available around the world.15/02/20241529/02/2024Berlin, GermanyCelebration venue only
H2 FORUMForum specialized in the field of hydrogen. Energy suppliers, automobile manufacturers, industrial companies and research institutions network and discuss with hydrogen solution providers, such as electrolyzer manufacturers and service providers.19/02/2024220/02/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
VDA TECHNICAL CONGRESSThe VDA International Automotive Technical Congress focuses on topics such as the environment, energy and electric mobility, safety and vehicle electronics.20/02/2024221/02/2024Berlin, GermanyBerliner Congress Center
ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUMForum specialized in additive manufacturing technology. Aimed at users of all levels and sectors, such as automotive, railway, aerospace, construction, agriculture, mechanical engineering, medical technology and science.20/03/2024221/03/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
VELOBERLINThe event dedicated to bicycles and mobility in the city of Berlin.13/04/2024214/04/2024Berlin, GermanyFlughafen Tempelhof
GARTENTRÄUME BERLINDiscover a gardening event in Berlin where you can meet talented gardeners and landscapers from the region. Explore the latest trends and technologies in the world of gardening, as well as the latest in outdoor furniture, plants and flowers. Get decorating ideas, gardening tips and find unique accessories to beautify your green space.07/06/2024309/06/2024Berlin, GermanyRennbahn Hoppegarten
CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT FORUMGerman forum dedicated to the construction equipment industry. This event brings together key professionals, buyers and suppliers to discuss developments and future trends in the construction machinery sector.08/10/2024209/10/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
BABINI BERLINBABINI ExpoThe BABINI Berlin Expo is an event that brings together international and national players, regional distributors and individual suppliers from various sectors related to pregnancy, baby and child care.11/10/2024313/10/2024Berlin, GermanyBerlinsand
FUTURE BATTERY FORUMForum specialized in the innovative Battery Technology of the Future. This event brings together experts, users and manufacturers of battery and cell systems to exchange knowledge and experiences.05/11/2024206/11/2024Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
OEBLearning and training technology fair and conference.An event will be held that combines a fair and a conference focused on learning and training technology.27/11/2024329/11/2024Berlin, GermanyHotel Intercontinental Berlin
ONLINE EDUCA BERLINThe online education event in Berlin is a global conference focusing on knowledge and learning technologies.27/11/2024329/11/2024Berlin, GermanyHotel Intercontinental Berlin
AM MEDICAL DAYSAM MEDICAL DAYS is an event that brings together professionals and experts in the field of additive manufacturing in medicine. Doctors, hospital chains, medical technology manufacturers, regulatory authorities and health insurers participate in this forum.dec. 2024dec. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMBerlin, GermanyHoliday Inn
RAILWAY FORUM BERLINAn event in Berlin that brings together rail industry professionals, including operators, manufacturers, suppliers, political leaders and experts from Germany and Europe.03/09/2025204/09/2025Berlin, GermanyEstrel Berlin Hotel & Convention Center
CMS CLEANING. MANAGEMENT. SERVICESGlobal exhibition and conference focused on maintenance, cleaning and business services.23/09/2025426/09/2025Berlin, GermanyExpoCenter Airport
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