Design and assembly of exhibition stands in Switzerland

Trade fairs in Switzerland play a key role in the European business events landscape. With a long tradition of excellence in the organization of fairs and exhibitions, Switzerland has become a popular destination for both exhibitors and visitors from all over Europe and beyond. These fairs are vital for the promotion of products, the generation of business and the exchange of knowledge in various sectors.

Among the most important fairs in Switzerland is the Basel International Fair, known as Baselworld. This world-renowned event focuses on watches, jewelery and accessories, attracting thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Baselworld has historically been a key platform for major luxury brands, where the latest trends are presented and valuable business relationships are established.

Another relevant fair is Swissbau, held in Basel, which focuses on the construction industry and urban planning. This fair brings together architects, engineers, builders and building materials suppliers, offering a platform to present innovations, discuss trends and network in this constantly evolving field.

Regarding the experience of Vissual Events, his outstanding work in the design and assembly of stands at trade fairs in Switzerland stands out. Visual Events is recognized for its creative and professional approach, providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Their team of experts works closely with companies to understand their goals and brand values, creating exhibition stands that stand out visually and attract the attention of visitors.

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Design of impact exhibition stands for stand out at fairs in Switzerland

Vissual Events is an expert company in exhibition stand design with unique creativity and avant-garde. Our trade show booth designs are unique and stand out from the competition. Here you can see some of the projects we build at European fairs. 

Get the WOW effect! for your exhibiton stand in Switzerland

When you look at a project and are impressed by its design, someone is accomplishing their intended goal: Attracting your attention. 

This same effect is what you seek to generate with your clients. The called and sought “WOW effect” It allows: 

  • Attract new leads thanks to a sustained visual contact on your exhibition stand and product
  • Associate your brand and product with a cutting-edge design, enhancing your corporate image
  • And most importantly: Make your competition nervous! 🙂 

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We work with the highest quality standards in the market. .

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We know the fairs in Italy, the fairgrounds, their rules... hire experts and avoid problems.

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We design and build exhibition stands in Switzerland and throughout Europe.



assembly of stands in Europe
Design of fair stands in Basel - Stand for Chemspec
Stand design made by Vissual Events for the Chemspec fair

Some of the projects we have carried out for fairs in Switzerland and Europe

Talking about Switzerland is talking about Value and Quality. The stands we make for fairs in Switzerland are in keeping with the environment. Discover the high quality of our finishes, while making an impact with an out-of-the-ordinary design. 

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most important trade fairs held in Switzerland

These are just some of the most important trade fairs that take place in Switzerland. Each of them arouses great interest in their respective fields, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world and contributing to economic growth and knowledge sharing in the region.

  1. Chemspec: Chemspec is a trade fair specialized in the chemical industry and fine chemicals. It is an internationally renowned event that brings together professionals, companies and experts from the sector. It provides a unique platform to showcase products, establish business contacts and promote innovation in the chemical industry. The fair offers conferences, exhibitions and networking opportunities to drive growth and collaboration in the field of specialty chemistry.

  2. Swissbau: It is a fair held in Basel, focused on the construction industry and urban planning. Swissbau brings together architects, engineers, builders and building material suppliers, offering a platform to present innovations, discuss trends and network in this field.

  3. SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie): This fair is one of the most important in the field of fine watchmaking and takes place in Geneva. At SIHH, the main luxury watch brands present their latest creations and novelties, and it is considered a must for lovers of high-end watches.

  4. Art Basel: Although not strictly a trade fair, Art Basel is a world-renowned arts event that takes place in Basel. It is one of the main contemporary art fairs, where works by international artists are exhibited and collectors, gallery owners and art lovers from all over the world meet.

Most important fairgrounds in Switzerland
fairground geneva
  1. Palexpo (Geneva): Palexpo is one of the largest fairgrounds in Switzerland and is located in Geneva. It is internationally known for hosting the Geneva International Motor Show as well as other world renowned events such as trade fairs, congresses and concerts.

  2. Messe Zürich (Zurich): Messe Zürich is an exhibition and convention center located in Zurich. It is an important venue for the organization of trade fairs, business events and conferences in the region. It has extensive infrastructure and multiple exhibition halls.

  3. BEA Bern Expo (Bern): BEA Bern Expo is a fairground located in the city of Bern. It is known for hosting the Bern National Fair (BEA), which is one of the largest and most popular exhibitions in Switzerland. In addition, it hosts other events, such as trade fairs, thematic exhibitions and concerts.

  4. Messe Luzern (Lucerne): Messe Luzern is an exhibition and events center in the city of Lucerne. It offers flexible and modern spaces for trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and cultural events. It is also known for its famous Christmas fair, which attracts numerous visitors each year.