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Trade fairs in Munich are one of the main exhibition platforms for companies from all over the world. With more than 50 international trade fairs a year, Munich is an attractive destination for companies looking to promote their products and services, network and increase their visibility in the market.

Setting up stands in Munich can be key to the success of your company at these international trade fairs. With more than 50 trade fairs a year, Munich is an attractive destination for companies looking to promote themselves on the international market.

Visual Events, with its experience in planning and trade fair stand design in munich, can help you stand out in a highly competitive environment. With their knowledge of local regulations and logistics, you can be sure that your stand will meet legal requirements and be delivered on time.

In addition, Visual Events focuses on customization and innovation in the design of stands to adapt to the specific needs of each company. This ensures that the stand reflects the company's brand image and objectives, and attracts the attention of visitors.


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Most important fairgrounds in Munich
Some facts about the trade fair environment in Munich

The Munich trade fair environment refers to the various trade fair facilities and events that take place in the city of Munich, Germany. Munich is known for being an important center of fairs and exhibitions at a national and international level. Here is an overview of the trade fair environment in Munich:

messe munchen
Messe Munich

messe munchen

Messe München Messegelände, 81823 Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Munich (DE)

The Munich Fair, known in German as the Münchner Messe, is one of the highlights of the city's exhibition calendar. It takes place at the Messe München fairgrounds, which is one of the largest in Europe. This fair attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from different sectors of the industry, becoming a key meeting point for business and innovation.

The Munich Fair covers a wide range of topics and sectors, from technology and electronics to industry, fashion, food, tourism and more. Some of the most outstanding events within the fair are:

  • Bauma: The world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, vehicles and equipment. It attracts construction professionals, engineers and companies related to the industry.

  • ISPO Munich: One of the most important fairs for the sports industry and sports equipment. Presents the latest trends in sports fashion, equipment and technology.

  • IFAT: World leading trade fair for environmental and water technology. It brings together experts and professionals in waste management, renewable energy, water treatment and more.

  • Expo Real: A key event for the real estate and investment sector. It offers networking opportunities and presents real estate projects and developments internationally.

ICM, International Congress Center Munich

International Congress Center Munich Am Messesee, 81829 Munich
Munich (DE)

The Messe München ICM, located in the Munich fairgrounds, is another prominent exhibition center in the city. Conveniently located near the airport and with excellent transport links, the ICM is a popular choice for large events. This exhibition center has a total area of more than 70,000 square meters, offering ample space for trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and other events.

The ICM stands out for its modern architecture and cutting-edge facilities. Its extensive exhibition areas are complemented by fully equipped conference rooms, high-quality catering services and state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors. In addition, the Messe München ICM hosts world-class events, such as the famous technology and electronics fair, “electronica”, making it a key venue for the industry.

MOC, Munich Order Center

International Congress Center Munich Am Messesee, 81829 Munich
Munich (DE)

The M,O,C, short for Munich Order Center, is one of the oldest and most renowned exhibition centers in Munich. Located in the north of the city, near the Olympic Park, this exhibition center has a total area of more than 30,000 square meters. The M,O,C is known for being a versatile and flexible venue, capable of hosting a wide variety of events, from trade shows and exhibitions to conventions and conferences.

With multiple rooms and modular spaces, the M,O,C offers personalized options to adapt to the specific needs of each event. In addition, it has excellent facilities and services, such as meeting rooms, rest areas, catering services and high-speed Wi-Fi connection. These amenities make the M,O,C a popular choice for exhibitors and visitors alike.

stand with hexagonal shapes

We will be happy to offer you a free estimate and a 3d design for your next fair or event. If you wish, you can include your design briefing.


FORUM VINIMunich International Wine FairThe Munich International Wine Fair, known as VINIFeria, is a world-renowned event held in the city of Munich. During this fair, experts and wine lovers from all over the world gather to share knowledge, taste different varieties and discover the latest trends in the wine industry. It is an unmissable event for those who wish to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wine and enjoy a unique experience.15/11/2024317/11/2024MunichMunich
INTER AIRPORT EUROPEThe International Exhibition of Equipment, Technologies and Services for Airports in Europe is a very important event in which the latest developments and advances in the airport sector are presented. At this exhibition, a wide range of equipment, technologies and services related to airport operation and management are on display. It is an event that brings together industry professionals, suppliers and experts in the field, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the creation of business opportunities.07/10/2025309/10/2025MunichMunich International Airport.
TRENDSETExhibition of handmade objects in glass, porcelain and ceramics06/01/2024308/01/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
OPTIInternational Eyewear ShowEurope's largest exhibition dedicated to the eyewear industry, where the latest trends and advances in ophthalmic optics are presented.12/01/2024314/01/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
F.RE.EThe FREE Leisure and Travel Fair is an event where you can find various activities and destinations to enjoy at no cost.14/02/2024518/02/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INHORGENTA MUNICHThe international fair for machinery and tools for watch and jewelry manufacturing in Munich.16/02/2024419/02/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
HANDWERK & DESIGN" AT INTERNATIONALE HANDWERKSMESSEHandwerk & Design" is an exhibition that brings together the best of high-quality art and craft, highlighting the talent and skill of designers. At this event, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of unique handcrafted products and innovative designs, All in one place.28/02/2024503/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
FOOD & LIFEThe largest food, drink and enjoyment event in Germany offers a wide range of culinary experiences. From amazing cocoa floats to exciting competitions and delicious delicacies from international cuisine, FOOD & LIFE MUNICH has something for every food and drink lover.28/02/2024503/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
GARTEN MÜNCHENExhibition and sale event aimed at people passionate about gardening and flower fans in the city of Munich.28/02/2024503/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INTERNATIONALE HANDWERKSMESSEThe internationally renowned German craft and decoration fair.28/02/2024503/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INTERNET WORLD GERMANYThe International Fair for Internet Technologies and Electronic Commerce in Germany is a very important event in the field of technology and electronic commerce.March 2024202414/09/2029Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
LOPE-CThe LOPE-C is an event of great international relevance that brings together professionals from the organic and printed electronics industry. This is a conference and exhibition that provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the presentation of the latest developments in this field.05/03/2024307/03/2024Munich, GermanyMunichICM - International Congress Center Munich
ICE EUROPEICE EUROPE is an international exhibition that focuses on the converting of products related to the paper, film and sheet industry.12/03/2024314/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ID INFOTAGE DENTAL MÜNCHENThe German Dental Equipment Exhibition is an event that offers a wide range of options for dentists, dental technicians and specialists. Each visitor will find an attractive and relevant offer for their area of interest.15/03/2024216/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
PERFORMANCE DAYS - MUNICHAn exhibition specialized in high-performance textile materials, innovative fabrics and advances in the textile industry.20/03/2024221/03/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ANALYTICSAn international event will be held to discuss and explore topics related to analysis, diagnosis, biotechnology and laboratory technologies.09/04/2024412/04/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
CERAMITECCERAMITEC is an international fair that focuses on exhibiting machinery, equipment, plants, processes and raw materials used in the ceramic and powder metallurgy industry.23/04/2024426/04/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
IFATAn international exhibition on environmental care, focused on water and waste treatment.13/05/2024517/05/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ARCHITECT @ WORK - GERMANY - MUNICHArchitecture and interior design fair in Munich, Germany. ARCHITECT @ WORK is a specialist event showcasing the latest innovations for architecture and interior design professionals, including design studios, engineers, designers and building owners.05/06/2024206/06/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INTERSOLAR EUROPEIntersolar Europe is an international event that brings together the solar industry in a large-scale fair and conference. It is considered one of the main solar technology exhibitions worldwide, covering both photovoltaic energy and thermal energy.19/06/2024321/06/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
REAL EXPOEXPO REAL is an international event that brings together professionals from the real estate and investment sector. It provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and future perspectives among all participants.07/10/2024309/10/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
E MOVE 360° EUROPEInternational Mobility Exhibition in Europe, focused on electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.14/10/2024417/10/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
WM WERKSTATTMESSE - MÜNCHENExhibition of automotive and commercial vehicle products, including parts, workshop equipment, tools, paint products, paint accessories and tires.18/10/2024320/10/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
MINERALIENTAGE MÜNCHENInternational event in Munich dedicated to the exhibition and sale of minerals, fossils, crystals and precious stones.24/10/2024427/10/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ITCS MÜNCHENThe ITCS is an event that combines technological conferences, meetings with leading companies in the field of computing, and a festive atmosphere. It is a unique opportunity to learn, network and explore career opportunities in the information technology sector.25/10/20242518/11/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
BEAUTY FORUM MÜNCHENBEAUTY FORUM MÜNCHEN is an international cosmetics event that offers a unique experience. Here, beauty is not limited to the superficial, but is considered a source of inner strength and self-confidence.26/10/2024227/10/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ELECTRONICAInternational fair of electronic components and assemblies.An international exhibition of electronic devices and assemblies12/11/2024415/11/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
SEMICON EUROPESEMICON Europe is a highly relevant international event that focuses on the semiconductor industry, offering a conference and exhibition covering related equipment, materials and services.12/11/2024415/11/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
AVIATION FORUMDiscussion forum about the aviation industry in Germany. This group is made up of manufacturers and suppliers at all levels, as well as policy makers and opinion leaders from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.26/11/2024227/11/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
HEIM + HANDWERKHeim+Handwerk is a sales exhibition focusing on construction, decoration and interior accessories. At this event, you can find personalized carpentry furniture, motivational talks, innovative ideas for the home and individualized advice.27/11/2024501/12/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
ISPO MUNICHISPO Munich is an international exhibition that brings together the global sports business community. At this event, perspectives are shared and the future of the sporting goods and sports apparel industry is shaped.03/12/2024305/12/2024Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
BAUInternational Fair of Building Construction and Renovation Materials and Equipment.The BAUFeria is an international event that focuses on the exhibition of materials and equipment for the construction and renovation of buildings.13/01/2025618/01/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INPRINT GERMANYThe International Fair for Printing Technology for Industrial Manufacturing in Germany.March 2025202515/09/2030Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
BAUMABAUMA is a world-leading international trade fair for construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment.07/04/2025713/04/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
AIR CARGO EUROPEEvent dedicated to the air cargo transportation and logistics industry.02/06/2025405/06/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
TRANSPORT LOGISTICThe International Logistics, Telematics and Transport Fair is an event of great importance in the logistics and transport sector.02/06/2025405/06/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
AUTOMATICAInternational Automation FairThe International Automation Fair is an event that focuses on assembly, intelligent automation and robotics, as well as the vision of the future in these fields.24/06/2025427/06/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
LASER. WORLD OF PHOTONICSThe international fair and congress for laser technology and optoelectronics, focusing on innovation and practical applications of photon technology.24/06/2025427/06/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
DRINKTECThe global exhibition of innovations in the technological beverage sector.15/09/2025519/09/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
OILS+FATSGlobal exhibition dedicated to the manufacturing and treatment of oils and fats derived from renewable sources.15/09/2025519/09/2025Munich, GermanyMesse Munich
INTERFORSTINTERFORST is an international trade fair that focuses on forestry technology and log processing.jul. 2026jul. 2026 (?)TO CONFIRMMunich, GermanyMesse Munich
MUNICH FABRIC STARTMUNICH FABRIC START is a leading European textile fair held twice a year in Munich. At this event, international manufacturers of fabrics and accessories present their latest creations and innovations in the field of fashion.23/01/2024325/01/2024Munich, GermanyM,O,C
NUMISMATA MÜNCHENThe Munich International Coin Fair, known as Numismata.02/03/2024203/03/2024Munich, GermanyM,O,C
AZUBI- & STUDENTAGE MÜNCHENThe most important fair in education and professional opportunities. Students and young people who are about to finish school and/or are considering their future career at an early age have come to the right event.12/04/2024213/04/2024Munich, GermanyM,O,C
COSMETIC BUSINESSThe International Cosmetic Industry Supplier Fair is a global event dedicated to suppliers to the beauty and personal care industry.05/06/2024206/06/2024Munich, GermanyM,O,C
ABSOLVENTENKONGRESS MÜNCHENSpecialized event in Munich aimed at students, recent graduates and young professionals with a maximum of three years of work experience.06/06/2024106/06/2024Munich, GermanyMTC World of Fashion
TRAUDICH MÜNCHENWedding event in the city of Munichoct. 2024TO CONFIRM "2024".TO CONFIRMMunich, GermanyMunich
EAT&STYLE - MÜNCHENA culinary event in Munich that celebrates German gastronomy, offering a wide variety of typical dishes, as well as local drinks.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMMunich, GermanyMunichZenith - Die Kulturhalle
CCE INTERNATIONALCCE International is an international event focusing on the corrugated and folding carton industry.11/03/2025313/03/2025Munich, GermanyM,O,C
IAA MOBILITYIAA MOBILITY is a major mobility event, giving manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, service providers and startups the opportunity to present their services to a broad global audience of both businesses and consumers.sept. 20252025TO CONFIRMMunich, GermanyM,O,C
HOCHZEITSTAGE MÜNCHENEvent in which everything necessary to celebrate a wedding in Munich is exhibited and marketed.13/01/2024214/01/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
MUNICH FABRIC STARTMUNICH FABRIC START is a leading European textile fair held twice a year in Munich. At this event, international manufacturers of fabrics and accessories present their latest creations and innovations in the field of fashion.23/01/2024325/01/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
IMOT MÜNCHENIMOT MÜNCHEN is an international motorcycle exhibition.16/02/2024318/02/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
PHILATELIA MÜNCHEN - INTERNATIONALE BRIEFMARKEN-BÖRSE MÜNCHENInternational stamp exhibition in Munich02/03/2024203/03/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
AEROSPACE TECH WEEK - EUROPEAerospace Tech Week Europe is an international event that brings together the aerospace technology community. During this exhibition and conference, topics such as connectivity, avionics, maintenance and repair technology, flight operations technology and testing are covered.17/04/2024218/04/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
HIGH END MUNICHThe International High Fidelity and Home Cinema Fair, known as HIGH END, is an event in which experts and professionals from the audio sector gather in Munich.09/05/2024412/05/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
BABINI MÜNCHENBABINI ExpoThe BABINI Expo in Munich is an event that brings together international and national players, regional distributors and individual suppliers from various sectors related to pregnancy, baby and child care.15/11/2024317/11/2024Munich, M,O,CM,O,C
EXPOPHARMEXPOPHARM is an international pharmacy fair that is considered the most important in Europe. This event provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and information about the pharmaceutical market. It is an ideal place to network and stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.09/10/2024412/10/2024Munich.Munich.
EMS - EUROPEAN MANUFACTURING STRATEGIESA conference in Europe focusing on strategies for manufacturing production.05/11/2024206/11/2024Munich.Munich.