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Düsseldorf is recognized as one of the leading cities in Germany when it comes to hosting trade fairs of great economic relevance. These fairs play a fundamental role in boosting the country's economy and are considered key meeting points for national and international companies.

The city of Düsseldorf is home to some of the most important fairgrounds in Germany, such as the Messe Düsseldorf, which extends over a large area and has modern facilities for holding commercial events. This city stands out for being the epicenter of leading fairs in various sectors, such as fashion, medicine, technology, energy and food.

These trade fairs in Düsseldorf attract thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, generating a significant impact on the German economy. They not only promote commercial exchange and the presentation of new innovations, but also encourage the creation of strategic alliances and the expansion of international markets.

Trade fairs in Düsseldorf include ProWein (leading wine and spirits trade fair), MEDICA (world's largest medical trade fair), EuroShop (retail trade fair), Drupa (international trade fair for printing and packaging) and the BOOT Düsseldorf (boat fair).

In this context, Visual Events is positioning itself as a leading provider in the field of trade fair setups in Düsseldorf. With its logistical capacity, knowledge of the fair environment and creative skills, Visual Events has built a solid reputation as a reliable partner for companies that want to stand out at these important fairs. Through its commitment to excellence and its focus on providing customized solutions, Visual Events ensures that its clients' stands live up to expectations and contribute to the success of these key events in Düsseldorf.

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Stand design in Düsseldorf: Creativity, technique and Quality

At Visual Events, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and build booths for high quality in Dusseldorf. We have a highly trained team that combines technical and creative skills to offer personalized and outstanding solutions to our clients.

In addition, we stand out for our creativity. We are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative approaches to provide unique solutions for our clients. We work closely with them to understand their needs and goals, and then develop designs that reflect their brand identity and create visual impact.

In short, at Visual Events, our technical capacity, quality and creativity allow us to offer exceptional stands in Düsseldorf. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

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We know how to get “WOW effect” 

  • Attract new leads thanks to a sustained visual contact on your exhibition stand and product
  • Associate your brand and product with a cutting-edge design, enhancing your corporate image
  • And most importantly: Make your competition nervous! 🙂 

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When it comes to choosing Visual Events for your event in Düsseldorf, there are several key aspects that set us apart and make us the ideal choice for your needs.

First of all, we are proud to offer excellent finishes in all our assemblies. We care about every detail and strive for perfection in every aspect of design and construction. 

In addition, our specialized knowledge is a differentiating factor. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the events and staging industry. Our know-how allows us to approach any challenge with confidence and find effective solutions for any situation. 

Another highlight is our unbeatable value for money. We understand the importance of optimizing the value of your investment and we are committed to offering you high-quality results at competitive prices. We work efficiently and use our experience and resources effectively to maximize the return on every dollar invested. You can trust that you will receive a superior quality assembly without compromising your budget.

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We work with the highest quality standards in the market. .

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We know the UK fairs, the fairgrounds, their rules... hire the experts and avoid problems.

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Stand Designed by visual Events for the Medica fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany
Stand Designed by visual Events for the Medica fair, in Düsseldorf, Germany

We design and assemble your exhibition stand in
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At Vissual Events, we understand the importance of a strong logistics capacity to set up of exhibition stands in Germany efficiently and successfully. Our meticulous approach and our highly experienced team allow us to offer you a comprehensive service that adapts to your needs.

We have logistical capacity and extensive experience to assemble in the most important fairgrounds in Germany and Europe.



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Some facts about the Düsseldorf trade fair environment

Düsseldorf, the vibrant city located in western Germany, is recognized worldwide for its leading role in the trade fair industry. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a strategic location in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf has become an essential destination for professionals and businessmen from different sectors.


Messe Dusseldorf

The Düsseldorf fairgrounds are exceptional spaces that host some of the most important and prestigious fairs worldwide. 

Most important fairgrounds in Düsseldorf
  • Messe Düsseldorf: It is the largest exhibition center in Düsseldorf and one of the most prominent worldwide. With more than 300,000 square meters of exhibition space, it hosts renowned international fairs in a wide variety of sectors, such as medicine (MEDICA), fashion (Gallery Fashion), beauty (BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF) and technology (drupa).

  • Areal Böhler: This fairground is located in a unique industrial environment and offers a modern and versatile space for events. Spanning over 17,000 square meters, it hosts fashion, design, art and lifestyle fairs and exhibitions, such as the Düsseldorf Design Fair (DDW).

  • CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf: Located in the center of the city, the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf is a privileged place for holding corporate events, congresses and conventions. It has modern facilities and a capacity to accommodate thousands of participants.

  • Areal Böhler Alte Schmiedehallen: This historic location offers an impressive space for fairs, exhibitions and special events. The Alte Schmiedehallen, former smithies turned unique venue, provide an industrial-chic atmosphere for fashion, art and design events.

  • Rheinmetall Alte Schmiedehallen: Another space within the Areal Böhler area, the Rheinmetall Alte Schmiedehallen also offer an exceptional setting for trade fairs and events. With its industrial charm and modern facilities, it is a leading venue for design and lifestyle exhibitions and events.

  • Stadthalle Düsseldorf: This multifunctional event center is located in the heart of Düsseldorf and offers a wide range of facilities for trade fairs, exhibitions, concerts and conferences. With its convenient location and ability to adapt to different needs, it is a popular venue for events from various sectors.

Most important trade fairs in Düsseldorf
  • MEDICA: It is the world's leading trade fair for medicine and medical technology. It attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world and offers a unique platform to present the latest advances in medical equipment, healthcare technology and healthcare services.

  • drupa: Known as the world's trade fair for print and media, drupa is a leading event in the print and visual communication industry. It brings together professionals from around the world to present and discover the latest innovations in digital printing, 3D printing, packaging and more.

  • ProWein: This fair is a global benchmark in the wine and spirits industry. ProWein brings together producers, distributors, importers, and wine and spirits experts from around the world to showcase their products, network, and participate in tastings and seminars.

  • Interpack: As the leading trade fair for packaging and processing technology, Interpack is a must-see event for the packaging industry. Innovative solutions for packaging, packaging technology and the food industry are presented here, attracting visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

  • CARAVAN SALON: This fair is the main platform for the caravan and motorhome industry. CARAVAN SALON brings together manufacturers, dealers, and camping and caravanning enthusiasts to showcase the latest trends in RVs, accessories, and related services.

  • BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF: This is an international fair for the beauty and cosmetics industry. BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF offers a wide range of products and services in the field of beauty, skin care, makeup, nails, well-being and hairdressing, being an essential event for professionals and experts in the sector.

Upcoming fairs in Düsseldorf

PSI Main European Fair, leader in the Promotional Items Sector.The leading European Fair in the field of promotional items.09/01/2024311/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
TRAUDICH DUSSELDORFThe bridal fair in Düsseldorf13/01/2024214/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
BOOT-DÜSSELDORFBoot Düsseldorf is the world's leading event in the field of yachting and water sports. At this fair, both sailing lovers and motor boating fans will be able to find the ideal boat for their needs. In addition, a wide range of activities related to water sports such as diving, surfing, kitesurfing and canoeing, among others, are offered.20/01/2024928/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
FASHN ROOMS DUSSELDORFFASHN ROOMS in Düsseldorf is an event that provides a strong platform for women's and men's fashion brands, as well as suppliers of complementary products such as high-quality shoes and accessories.27/01/2024329/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
BOOT-DÜSSELDORFBoot Düsseldorf is the world's leading event in the field of yachting and water sports. At this fair, both sailing lovers and motor boating fans will be able to find the ideal boat for their needs. In addition, a wide range of activities related to water sports such as diving, surfing, kitesurfing and canoeing, among others, are offered.20/01/2024928/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
FASHN ROOMS DUSSELDORFFASHN ROOMS in Düsseldorf is an event that provides a strong platform for women's and men's fashion brands, as well as suppliers of complementary products such as high-quality shoes and accessories.27/01/2024329/01/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
EUROCISSalon for decision makers in IT and security technology.EUROCISS is an event aimed at professionals and leaders in the field of information technology and security.27/02/2024329/02/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
RHEINGOLFFerman Golf FairThe German Golf Fair known as RHEINGOLF can be described as follows: a prominent event in Germany dedicated exclusively to golf.01/03/2024303/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
GALLERY SHOESThe International Footwear and Accessories Fair, known as GALLERY SHOES, is a leading event in the fashion sector that focuses on the exhibition and promotion of footwear and accessories from around the world.03/03/2024305/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
PROWEINInternational Wine and Spirits FairPROWEIN is an international event that focuses on the exhibition and tasting of wines and spirits.10/03/2024312/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
BEAUTY INTERNATIONALGlobal exhibition of beauty products, nail care, foot care, wellness and spa treatments.22/03/2024324/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
TOP HAIR INTERNATIONALInternational event that brings together professionals from the hairdressing industry together with a specialized conference.23/03/2024224/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
VEGGIEWORLD DÜSSELDORFThe VeggieWorld fair in Dusseldorf is an event that promotes the vegan lifestyle. At this event, you can find a variety of new vegan products available on the market. Additionally, advice is provided on how to adopt proper vegan nutrition for daily use and how to lead a vegan lifestyle.

For those interested in going vegan, the VeggieWorld fair offers information and resources to help transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Advice is also provided on how to live sustainably and ethically, and how to find vegan alternatives in different aspects of everyday life.

In short, the VeggieWorld fair in Dusseldorf is a place where you can discover new vegan products, learn about vegan nutrition and get information on how to become and live as a vegan.
23/03/2024224/03/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
ART DÜSSELDORFArt Düsseldorf is an international contemporary art fair that focuses on recent art history and has a future-oriented vision.12/04/2024314/04/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
TUBEInternational tube and pipe fair.Global Exhibition of Ducts and Pipelines15/04/2024519/04/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
WIREInternational wire and cable fair.An international exhibition dedicated to the wire and cable industry.15/04/2024519/04/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
DRUPEDRUPA is an international exhibition focusing on the printing and paper industry.28/05/20241107/06/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
CHEMSPEC EUROPEEuropean trade fair for specialty chemicals, specialty products and organic intermediates.19/06/2024220/06/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
GOURMET FESTIVAL - DÜSSELDORFThe Düsseldorf Gastronomic Festival is an event where restaurateurs, winemakers and manufacturers from different culinary fields are dedicated to pampering visitors with a wide selection of delicious dishes and high-quality drinks.23/08/2024325/08/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORFThe International Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Fair in Düsseldorf30/08/20241008/09/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
TOURNATURThe outdoor adventure fair focused on climbing and hiking.31/08/2024908/09/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
CHEF-SAGE - DÜSSELDORFThe CHEF-SAGE Gastronomy Festival in Düsseldorf is an event that highlights the latest food trends, culinary innovations and technical innovations. With more than 130 exhibitors, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines from around the world.sept. 2024sept. 2024TO CONFIRMdusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
REHACARE INTERNATIONALGlobal exhibition dedicated to medical care for the elderly and disabled.25/09/2024428/09/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION - DUSSELDORFThe All about Automation fairs are events where producers, suppliers and distributors of industrial automation technologies meet. During these fairs, professionals in the sector have the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in the field of automation.01/10/2024202/10/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
ALUMINUMAn international event that brings together professionals from the aluminum industry along with a series of conferences.08/10/2024310/10/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
GLASSTECThe GLASSTEC international fair focuses on exhibiting glass production machinery and techniques.22/10/2024425/10/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
EAT&STYLE - DÜSSELDORFA culinary event in Düsseldorf that celebrates German gastronomy, offering a wide variety of typical dishes, as well as local drinks.nov. 2024nov. 2024 (?)TO CONFIRMdusseldorfDüsseldorfAreal Böhler
COMPAMEDCOMPAMED is an international event focusing on the medical supplier industry and product development. At this fair, a wide variety of components, parts and materials for the medical industry are presented.11/11/2024414/11/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
International Medical Industry FairMEDICAFeria is an international event that focuses on the medical industry.11/11/2024414/11/2024dusseldorfExhibition Center
VALVE WORLDSpecialized event in the pipe and valve industry, including a conference and exhibition for professionals.03/12/2024305/12/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
VALVE WORLD EXPOThe Valve World Conference and Exhibition, known as VALVE WORLD EXPO, is a biennial event of great importance in the valve industry.03/12/2024305/12/2024dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
TISSUE WORLD - DUSSELDORFTISSUE WORLD - DUSSELDORF is an event aimed at professionals in the toilet paper industry, including manufacturers, processors, distributors and suppliers.01/04/2025303/04/2025dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
KInternational Plastics and Rubber FairInternational event dedicated to the plastic and rubber materials industry.08/10/2025815/10/2025dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
EUROSHOPEUROSHOP is an internationally renowned trade fair that focuses on commercial equipment, advertising and sales.22/02/2026526/02/2026dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
INTERPACKINTERPACK is an international trade fair focusing on packaging and related industries. This event addresses topics such as efficient distribution, consumer protection and the fight against piracy. In addition, solutions are explored to protect products from contamination, deterioration or damage, and packaging options are presented that facilitate their handling.07/05/2026713/05/2026dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
GIFAInternational foundry fair.An international exhibition dedicated to the foundry industry.21/06/2027525/06/2027dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
METECMETEC is an event of great international relevance that focuses on the exhibition of the latest technologies in the field of metallurgy. In addition, a conference is held where knowledge about the most recent advances in this industry is discussed and shared.21/06/2027525/06/2027dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
NEWCASTThe International Foundry Fair in Newcastle21/06/2027525/06/2027dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
THERMPROCESSTHERMPROCESS is an international event that focuses on the exhibition of industrial ovens and thermal processes, in addition to having a technological forum.21/06/2027525/06/2027dusseldorfDüsseldorf Exhibition Center
WORLD'S LEADING WINES DUSSELDORFCommercial meetings for the main importers and distributors of high quality wines in Düsseldorf.26/01/20242620/02/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
WORLD'S LEADING WINES DUSSELDORFCommercial meetings for the main importers and distributors of high quality wines in Düsseldorf.26/01/20242620/02/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
EUROPE CABLESForum that analyzes the possibilities of using plastic materials in the manufacture of wires and cables on the European continent.05/03/2024307/03/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
EUROPEAN GREEN STEEL SUMMITThe European Steel Industry Summit focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a sustainable steel industry.13/03/2024214/03/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
MEDICAL TUBING & CATHETERS - EUROPEAn international conference will be held to address various aspects related to medical tubing and polymer catheters in Europe. During this event, topics such as the design, materials, production and applications of these medical devices will be discussed.09/04/2024210/04/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
MEDICAL TUBING & CATHETERS EUROPEForum dedicated to the improvement of polymer medical tubes and catheters, covering aspects such as design, materials used, manufacturing and various applications in the field of medicine.09/04/2024210/04/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
VANLIFE FESTIVALThe "Festival of Van Life" is an event dedicated to providing a platform for people to share experiences and learn about personal development, the van lifestyle or small space camping.25/05/2024226/05/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDüsseldorfBlumengroßmarkt
PVC FORMULATION EUROPEForum to explore the most recent global trends in PVC innovations, with the aim of improving and enriching formulations.24/09/2024326/09/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
WATERPROOF MEMBRANESThis conference focuses on the latest trends and technical advances in the global waterproof membrane industry.05/11/2024307/11/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
WATERPROOF MEMBRANES EUROPEEvent focused on waterproof membranes. Join the experts in innovative waterproofing solutions for the construction and civil engineering sectors in Europe.05/11/2024307/11/2024Dusseldorf, GermanyDusseldorf.
WIND TURBINE BLADE MANUFACTUREInternational conference on the creation of blades for megawatt wind turbines, focused on design, composite materials, manufacturing and efficiency.10/12/2024312/12/2024Dusseldorf, Germanydusseldorf
GLASSPRINTThe exhibition and lectures focus on glass decoration.April 2025April 202502/07/2150Dusseldorf, GermanyTO BE CONFIRMED: "Düsseldorf"