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Hello, welcome to our blog. Yes, it's true, the title is perhaps a bit exaggerated... or maybe not... If you have experienced the assembly of stands at a fair, you know that it is a stressful and risky activity. Taking a false step at a fair can mean the loss of your health, your job or a lot of money for the company. In this blog you will find resources that will help you understand its dynamics and its actors. Only in this way can you make the most appropriate decisions when setting up your stand, either on your own or by controlling your supplier.

But here we are not only talking about calamities that happen at fair stands and how to avoid them (the truth is that we talk about this a lot). It is also a space to see the new trends in stand design, materials and construction techniques. I hope you find it very useful, and if so, please help me by sharing it 🙂


aerial image of the Interlift fair assembly

Sustainable stands in Germany: 3 success stories at Interlift 2023

Building stands in Germany requires exhaustive control of exhibition times and regulations. Modular textile stands facilitate the assembly processes in demanding environments, thanks to their high efficiency and sustainability. In this post we review 3 success stories in the design and construction of sustainable stands at Interlift 2023

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image fade between a field and a tractor at a trade fair

7 top food fairs in Europe

In this video we review the 8 most relevant food and beverage fairs in Europe. If you are looking for fairs to participate in or visit, feel free to take a look at this video. The images have been extracted from the official channels of the different fairs.

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sustainable stand design: cube representing a modular stand with defocused fair background

Sustainable exhibition stands at Interlift 2023

The growing demand for the transformation of the fair world towards sustainability requires that fairs, such as Interlift 2023, grow in their ecological commitment. With this objective, from Visual Events we tell you what sustainable stands are and how we have reoriented our offer of fair architecture towards a type of ecological stand.

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sustainable booths

Sustainable exhibition stands and their role in the future of fairs

At present, sustainability is an increasingly important issue in society and the trade fair industry is no exception. Sustainable stands have become a growing trend and their importance will only continue to grow in the future of trade shows. In this post, we will explore why sustainable stands are important and how they can contribute to a more sustainable future for trade shows and events. Find out how sustainable stands can make a difference and how you can implement sustainable practices at your next fair.

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man drawing exhibition stand plan

How to design a creative exhibition stand?

Do you need to design a stand? You have found the correct post. Here we are going to review all the steps that lead you to achieve a stand design, if it is not "groundbreaking" at least "decent", which is saying a lot... if you still don't know anything about the subject 🙂

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man holding a magnifying glass over a booth plan background

How to avoid the worst scenario: trade exhibition stand assembly guide /14

The worst possible scenario at a fair: Your stand is poorly finished or not ready for the opening, your products have not arrived on time, your stand material has been stolen during assembly! How many things can go wrong... when we don't take the right precautions. In this post we explain what measures will help you prevent this from happening to you and what others will help you claim if you cannot avoid it.

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pastel color chairs 900px

All about Stand furniture: exhibition stand assembly guide /12

The furniture is a fundamental point in a stand, both from the point of view of functionality and image. Many times the furniture looks nice, but it is not comfortable to spend 5 days at the fair. On other occasions, you are interested in having more daring furniture that contributes to the image of your stand beyond comfort. These are the variables that you should take into account

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sign plotter

All about Signage for exhibition stands: trade fair stand assembly guide /12

The labeling of a stand is usually the icing on the cake, which is why it is usually placed in the last phase of the assembly. For this reason, it is usually done quite quickly, as it is often done with little time. In this article we will talk about the most common types of signage at fairs and we will explain how to manage its correct printing and placement.

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octanorm modular system profiles and sustainable cube

All about modular stands: exhibition stand assembly guide /7

Years ago, modular stands were synonymous with something repetitive and lacking in identity. This has changed. Although artisan stands continue to be the most demanded option due to their versatility, modular systems represent a new value: Sustainability. In this post we talk about the two types of stands, and we help you choose yours.

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Color exhibition stand among others in greyscale

Choosing space for your exhibition stand: trade fair stand assembly guide /5

Months before the celebration, the fair salesperson will send you a space proposal. If this is the first time that you are faced with a plan of the fair, it is important that you take into account the technical data, since the space that they offer you can be a terrible location within the fair. For this reason, we indicate several things that you have to take into account:

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Consult the content of our Survival Guide for fair stands.