A digital water curtain for Relais Termal at the FITUR Madrid fair.

Vissual Events creates a stand with a digital water curtain for Telais Termal at Fitur 2017
stand fitur

Vissual Events creates a stand with an interactive water curtain for Relais Termal in Fitur. The interactivity has been designed to highlight the company's relationship with water, generating aquatic patterns and moving texts.  

stand fitur

Digital water curtains are structures composed of multiple digitally controlled water jets, often combined with LED lighting systems, to create dynamic and surprising visual effects. These technological systems can form specific figures, patterns or messages, all by precisely manipulating the pressure and direction of the water jets.

In the context of fairs and exhibitions, digital water curtains become an impactful and memorable promotional tool. Its ability to display logos, products, messages or any other visual content in a dynamic and attractive way captures the audience's attention immediately.

These curtains are used as a distinctive element in stands or exhibition spaces, generating interest and attracting attendees. By combining moving water with LED lighting, a striking visual effect is created that not only highlights the brand's presence, but also creates an attractive and modern environment that encourages interaction and memory among visitors.

The versatility of digital water curtains as a promotional tool at fairs and exhibitions lies in their ability to adapt to various messages and designs, which makes them an ideal option to captivate the public's attention and reinforce the brand image at these events. commercial.

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