IFFA 2022 tavern stand

Taberner SA entrusts Vissual Events with the creation of its trade fair stand at IFFA (Germany) for another year.

A new edition of IFFA Taberner is committed to a fresh and innovative design for its participation in one of the sector's leading fairs. 

A new edition of IFFA Taberner is committed to a fresh and innovative design for its participation in one of the sector's leading fairs. 

Other projects carried out for Manufacturas Taberner

scm showroom spain

Showroom Design for SCM

Showroom Design for SCM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuoqnfVmhog L We are excited to share our latest project with the Italian multinational SCM, a world leader in the manufacture of wood cutting machines. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with them in the creation of an impressive showroom in their warehouse in San Cugat, Barcelona. This project was a perfect opportunity to show our capacity in the design and development of corporate spaces. We stand out for the innovative use of aluminum frames with printed sustainable stretched textile, a solution that is not only visually attractive, but also environmentally friendly. Our team worked meticulously to ensure every detail reflected SCM's excellence and commitment to sustainability. In addition to the showroom, we carried out a complete remodeling of the graphics of their offices, creating a more modern and dynamic work environment that inspires creativity and efficiency. Our comprehensive approach to corporate showroom development not only highlights the value of our clients' products but also strengthens their brand image and market presence. This project with SCM reaffirms our ability to handle complex, high-quality projects, combining innovative design and impeccable execution. At [Name of your Company], we are passionate about the design and construction of stands at fairs, and now we extend that same dedication to the creation of showrooms and corporate spaces. If you are looking to transform your commercial spaces or need an impressive stand for your next fair, we are your ideal partner. Thank you, SCM, for trusting us with this exciting project! If you are interested in knowing more about how we can help you create a corporate space that really makes a difference, do not hesitate to contact us. Receive a no-obligation 3D quote for your company's showroom

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stand order hip 2024

A very graphic stand for Ordeno at HIP 2024

At the forefront of design and innovation, we proudly present the “Ordeno” stand at the HIP Fair. 2024 With a minimalist aesthetic and a captivating graphic approach, our stand is a reflection of the excellence and modernity that defines this company. HIP, as one of the most prominent fairs in the hospitality and restaurant sector, serves as a vital platform for the presentation of the latest trends and advancements. It is a key meeting point where industry leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs converge, establishing crucial connections and charting the course of the sector. Do you want to stand out in HIP? We are experts in your sector. We know the keys that make a stand successful in the world of Hospitality. More than 20 years of experience support us Contact us for a 3D quote for your stand at HIP Some stands made at the HIP fair

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exhibition stand reebok

Warson Brands successfully entrusts its stand to Vissual events at Sicur 2024

One more edition of Sicur Vissual Events has had the opportunity to participate building for big brands such as Reebok and Volkom. The stand has been made in a sustainable T3 modular tensioned textile system. Strand reebok Sicur 2024 The SICUR Fair in Madrid represents an international benchmark in the field of security, where the latest innovations and comprehensive solutions are presented. It is a meeting point for professionals, companies and experts in the sector, who show technological advances, protective equipment and risk and emergency prevention measures. Are you looking to stand out at fairs and events in Madrid, SICUR or anywhere in Europe? Visual Events is your ally to stand out with impressive and memorable stands! Our experience in the design and assembly of stands allows us to create spaces that captivate the audience and reflect the essence of your brand. Whether in the dynamic setting of Madrid, at the prestigious SICUR Fair or in any corner of Europe, we are committed to materializing your ideas in functional and visually impressive stands Some projects previously carried out at SICUR

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Unilever hip stand

A successful sustainable stand for Unilever at HIP 2024

Unilever has opted for sustainability at HIP 2024 and has done so with the help of Staff Global, for whom we have built the project in one of the most relevant fairs in the sector. Together with Expofactory we have managed a complex stand in terms of its materials, since the premise of a low carbon footprint has affected each of its materials and processes. The suspended aerial frieze has been made of printed reboard cardboard, while the structure of the stand has been made using the VISUAND tensioned textile system, a material with which we continually work in our company. We hope to continue building projects of this type, not only because of the pride it represents to have successfully carried it out for a firm like Unilever but also because of the commitment to sustainability, which has been a seal of Vissual Events for some years now. 

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