Building stands in Germany requires exhaustive control of exhibition times and regulations. Modular textile stands facilitate the assembly processes in demanding environments, thanks to their high efficiency and sustainability. In this post we review 3 success stories in the design and construction of sustainable stands at Interlift 2023
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Stands Sostenibles En Alemania: 3 Casos De Éxito En Interlift 2023

The industry of sustainable exhibition stands has experienced exponential growth in recent years. promoted first of all by large companies, which try to give a greener and more responsible image to their clients, this type of construction is undoubtedly the future of fairs

QFor this reason, more and more stand construction companies They are opting for this type of product, to the detriment of custom constructions, which, although they continue to be more versatile, are gradually losing attractiveness as their carbon footprint is very high and their construction is inefficient. At the same time, the regulations of fairs tend to be more restrictive every day with respect to the recyclability of elements. 


Si has construido stands de feria en Alemania sabrás que en el país germano los stands se suelen terminar antes…y esto se debe a  la eficiencia de sistemas de construcción. La clave es saber elegir a tu proveedor de stands sostenibles en Alemania. 

Carlos Silva: el impacto del backlight en la comunicación de los stands de feria

Carlos Silva SAU is a reference company in the elevator sector. By 2023, Carlos Silva had set out to stand out at the fair with a sustainable stand that managed to visually translate its weight in the industry.

Under the premise of generating a high communication impact, Visual Events propuso un stand con un alto componente de diseño gráfico y comunicacional. Mediante la retroiluminación que facilita el sistema modular textil se ha conseguido destacar un diseño gráfico creado ad hoc, que transmite el valor y la vocación de la marca de un modo impactante. La calidad del material, sumado a un cuidado por los detalles, han permitido cumplir los objetivos de la marca, que ya piensa en el 2025. Sin duda, el objetivo de construir su primer stand sostenible en Alemania ha quedado a la altura de sus espectativas. 

Carlos Silva Stand Interlift 2023
Design and construction of a sustainable stand in Germany, (Interlift), for Carlos Silva SAU

Weco Elevator Products: Visual cleanliness and quality of finishes.

With an extensive history as an exhibitor at Interlift, Weco planned a change in terms of the sustainability of its stand for the 2023 edition. The high quality of the finishes of the Visuand textile modular system, added to a minimalist aesthetic, made the Weco stand continue to stand out at the fair with added values. 

Design and construction of a sustainable stand in Germany, (Interlift), for Weco Elevator products

Lancor: A quality graphic showcase

Accustomed to exhibiting with custom carpentry stands, Lancor left its comfort zone to bet on sustainable textile stands. The result was a resounding success, both in terms of construction time (the stand was completed on the first day of assembly) and in terms of finishes. By using carpentry stands, the stands of other editions had a lower graphic impact, while this edition considered taking advantage of the possibility of printing all surfaces. With a careful graphic design created ad hoc, the result is a piece of graphic architecture that enhances the company's product. 

Lancor Interlift Stand 2023
Design and construction of a sustainable stand in Germany, (Interlift), for Lancor

Te interesa construir un stand sostenible en Alemania?

Diseñamos y construimos sustainable exhibition stands en Alemania, Francia, Italia y en toda Europa. Tenemos distintas alternativas para que tu standsea singular y logres reducir tu huella de carbono en la próxima feria de tu empresa. 

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